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On Thanksgiving eve, feds announce deadly deal to shunt water from salmon to big agribusiness

On Wednesday, the day before Thanksgiving, the Departments of the Interior and Commerce announced the signing of a controversial Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) to expedite the “reliable delivery and supply of water” to Western water users, a deal that has ominous implications for the future of salmon, steelhead and other fish species in California and the West. While agribusiness groups applauded […]

November 23rd

10 great ways to go green this Thanksgiving

It’s been a weird mixed bag of a year, but we still have a lot to be thankful for… And as we officially enter the season of holiday cheer, holiday shopping and holiday excess, can we all think about the planet, too?They say that green is the new black, but that doesn’t mean you have […]

November 22nd

California voters hand Big Agriculture a defeat – Water bond prop 3 fails

The voters of California decisively defeated Proposition 3, the controversial $9 billion water bond backed by powerful corporate agribusiness interests, in Tuesday’s midterm election. Food & Water Action, the political affiliate of Food & Water Watch, celebrated the defeat of Proposition 3, noting that it would have favored corporate agribusinesses at taxpayer expense by funding dams and other infrastructure projects that would […]

November 8th

Climate change affects species differently (Rats and pests do better. Crops and cute pandas do worse)

One of the supposed contradictions deniers love to point out is that climate science shows warming benefits certain species but causes problems for most others. Strangely, there’s actually some truth to this denier’s statements about the lopsided biological impacts of climate change. Though obviously every organism and ecosystem is unique, two broadly applicable issues are at play […]

November 8th

Climate change is driving refugees to US border (along with poverty and violence)

Over the past three weeks, a migrant group that started with fewer than 200 people grew into thousands as it wound its way through Honduras, Guatemala, and now Mexico, headed for El Norte, the United States. In what has become known as the caravan, the migrants have simultaneously encountered barricades and generosity in their flight from dire situations in their homelands. By Meteor […]

November 1st

Farm Bureau uses farmers to push anti-climate agenda that hurts farmers

Yesterday, InsideClimate News launched a series on how the American Farm Bureau Federation has, for decades, lobbied against climate action, generally in tandem if not direct coordination with the fossil fuel industry. By Climate Denier Roundup The Farm Bureau is ostensibly a lobbying group serving America’s farmers, giving the impression that its constituents are the sort of […]

October 25th

California’s wine industry works toward a sustainable future

In the wine world, it is said that a vine that struggles produces better wine. But in California, long-term drought, temperature spikes, and recent wildfires continue to test this theory, and the wine industry has taken notice. Not only that, industry leaders are starting to take action. By The Years Project Just north of San Francisco, […]

August 18th

Climate change deniers misuse hunger study (as predicted)

A study published in Environmental Research Letters last month provides a stark warning about unintended consequences of putting a single global price on carbon: higher food prices, and therefore an increase in global hunger. This would be particularly acute in developing regions that are already struggling with food security. By Climate Denier Roundup The modeling showed that […]

Global carbon tax – in isolation – could ‘exacerbate food insecurity by 2050’

The implementation of a global tax on greenhouse gas emissions could – without other complementary policies – “have a greater negative impact on global hunger…than the direct impacts of climate change”, a new study says. The research finds that using a blanket “carbon tax” to restrict global warming to 2C above pre-industrial levels – which is the […]

August 4th

Transform your lawn with edible landscaping – delicious + climate friendly

Edible landscaping can go a long way toward conserving valuable resources while creating a powerful carbon sink, allowing you to take effective climate action right in your own backyard. By The Climate Reality Project According to a collaborative 2015 study by scientists from NASA, NOAA, Colorado State University, and the universities of Colorado and Montana, about 163,812 square […]

July 15th