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California is in a severe drought – but hasn’t adjusted its water use plans (Could be deadly for salmon)

In response to consecutive years of drought conditions in the Klamath Basin, including the lowest historical inflows on record into Upper Klamath Lake this year, the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation yesterday announced the release of its Klamath Irrigation Project 2021 Temporary Operations Plan. By Dan Bacher The Klamath River Basin is in a dire situation this year. The plan […]

April 17th

Biggest water barons of California contributing cash to Newsom’s war chest

Stewart and Lynda Resnick, billionaire agribusiness tycoons and major promoters of the Delta Tunnel and increased water pumping from the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta, have donated a total of $366,800 to Governor Gavin Newsom since 2018, including $250,000 filed on March 22. By Dan Bacher Lynda Resnick, the Vice Chairman of the Wonderful Company, donated $125,000 to Stop the […]

March 25th

California’s Yurok Tribe takes decisive action to protect spring salmon

Below is the statement from the Yurok Tribe discussing action that they have taken to protect spring-run Chinook salmon on the Klamath River. Spring Fish Stocks Suffer as a Consequence of Habitat Loss, Excessive Water Diversions “The current quantity of adult spring Chinook in the Klamath River is a small fraction of historic abundance.  For […]

March 20th

California salmon season cut back due to crashing numbers

The California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) yesterday announced that the recreational ocean salmon fishery has been curtailed on most of the California coast, due to poor stock assessments on the Sacramento River and Klamath River salmon stocks.  Both commercial and sport fishermen and women are likely looking at getting half of a normal […]

March 13th

Shark population collapsing

Sharks are at the top of the food chain, a predator necessary for the health of the oceans’ other species. But a study published in the journal Nature says their number has fallen by nearly three-fourths since the 1970s. By Meteor Blades Ray populations are also falling. The blame, the authors say, goes mostly to overfishing, and while […]

February 6th

How marine protected areas help safeguard the ocean

The ocean quietly unites global communities in a profound way. And yet, the ocean faces more threats today than ever before in history. The facts and predictions are staggering. More than 25 per cent of the world’s fisheries are overfished, and most are operating at a maximum sustainable level with no room for those fisheries […]

February 5th

Findings of Delta Adapts vulnerability assessment to be released February 4

The Delta Stewardship Council, together with community partners from Restore the Delta, Fathers and Families of San Joaquin, Little Manila Rising, and Third City Coalition, will hold the “Delta Adapts Vulnerability Assessment Findings” virtual public workshop on February 4, 2021 from 6:00 to 7:30pm. By Dan Bacher The Assessment represents “an effort to better understanding of […]

January 30th

Endangered Species: New Zealand Smelt Crisis Mirrors Collapse of California’s Delta Smelt

A press release published by the NZ Federation of Freshwater Anglers on January 17 draws the parallel between the “drastic decline’ of the South Island Stokell’s smelt in the rivers of the Canterbury coastline with the collapse of California’s Delta smelt, using information from one of my articles about the zero smelt found in the CDFW’s 2020 Fall Midwater Trawl Survey throughout the Sacramento-San Joaquin […]

January 23rd