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Steelhead run looks relatively promising this year on the American River

The steelhead run on California’s American River is shaping up up to be a relatively good one, though nowhere near the record runs in the past when the hatchery reported trapping 3000 to 4000 adult steelhead in a season. By Dan Bacher “With four weeks of spawning completed, Nimbus already has counted more than 900 […]

January 15th

Petition against Sites Reservoir reaches 50,000 signatures after a deadly year for winter-run salmon

Just before the California Department of Fish and Wildlife released a New Year’s Eve letter revealing that 2.6 percent of juvenile Chinook salmon had perished in lethally warm water conditions on the Sacramento River,  a petition sponsored by Save California Salmon in opposition to the Sites Reservoir reached 50,000 signatures. By Dan Bacher This milestone also came […]

January 7th

Are Delta Smelt on the verge of extinction?

2021 was a very bad year for Delta smelt and other declining fish populations on the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta. For the fourth year in a row, the California Department of Fish and Wildlife has caught zero Delta smelt in its Fall Midwater Trawl (FMWT) survey on the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta. By Dan Bacher The […]

January 6th

Listening to the ocean reveals a hidden world – and how we might save it

On summer evenings in the 1980s, the residents of a houseboat community in Sausalito, California would often have trouble sleeping. A bizarre and persistent humming noise would keep them awake, and although they investigated, neither the residents nor the local authorities could pinpoint the problem. They ruled out noise from generators, and even considered the possibility […]

January 2nd

Coleman hatchery to release two million additional juvenile salmon in Sacramento River

The Coleman National Fish Hatchery hatched an additional two million juvenile fall-run Chinook salmon (fry) this past October, successfully releasing 600,000 fish this past week with the remainder scheduled to be released the first week of January, according to a press release issued by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. By Dan Bacher “The Golden State Salmon Association […]

December 31st

CA Tribal communities organize to stop Sites Reservoir, provide clean water to salmon and the Delta

Tribal activists, drinking water advocates and commercial and subsistence fishers are asking the public to stand with them in the fight for both the Trinity and Sacramento River salmon by supporting a California state process to restore flows in California’s largest rivers, and by fighting a proposal for a twenty square mile reservoir, the Sites […]

December 2nd

Removal of four PacifiCorp dams on Klamath River slated to begin in early 2023

If all goes as planned, the removal of four PacifiCorp Dams on the Klamath River that have blocked salmon and steelhead migration for over 100 years will begin in early 2023, according to Klamath River Renewal Corporation (KRRC) Executive Director Mark Bransom. By Dan Bacher Branson spoke at a press briefing on Friday that also […]

November 19th

Fishery biologist Tom Cannon: Delta smelt are “likely virtually extinct in the wild”

I have reported every year for over a decade on the results of the California Department of Fish and Wildlife’s Fall Midwater Trawl Survey. For the past three years, no Delta smelt, once the most abundant fish in the entire Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta, have been found in this survey. None have been found in the […]

November 18th

Action Alert: Tell CA to stop rubber stamping extinction! Support racial equality for salmon tribes

Last year during the height of California’s Drought, the California State Water Quality Control Board approved a plan that allowed the federal government to enact the Trump Water Plan without meeting California clean water laws, according to Regina Chichizola of Save California Salmon. This plan allowed over 80% of baby salmon to be killed in […]

November 14th

Countdown to Extinction: ZERO delta smelt found in October Midwater Trawl Survey for fourth year

Time is running out for the Delta smelt, once the most abundant fish in the entire Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta. For the fourth October in a row, the California Department of Fish and Wildlife has caught zero Delta smelt in its Fall Midwater Trawl Survey of the Delta. By Dan Bacher The smelt is now near […]

November 12th

Update and action alert: California’s devastating plans for the water-stealong Delta Tunnel

If built, the Newsom Administration’s Delta Tunnel (Delta Conveyance) would be potentially the most environmentally destructive public works project in California history. The multi-billion dollar project would hasten the extinction of endangered Delta  and longfin smelt, Central Valley steelhead, Sacramento winter run and spring run Chinook salmon, green sturgeon and other fish species, as well as imperil salmon […]

November 8th

California Water Wars: Tribes, fishermen, conservationists demand action to restore flows in Klamath tributaries

Yesterday, Save California Salmon, the Pacific Coast Federation of Fishermen’s Associations (PCFFA), and 12 California environmental organizations joined Klamath River Tribes in asking the California State Water Resources Control Board to establish permanent instream flow requirements for the Scott and Shasta Rivers, two of the Klamath River’s largest tributaries, according to a press release from […]

November 2nd

Cal water group spreads disinformation about disastrous chinook salmon fish kill

In a recent website post entitled “The Myths and Facts — Sacramento Valley Salmon,” (…) the Northern California Water Association (NCWA) attempts to minimize the impact of a big fish kill this summer on Butte Creek. By Dan Bacher The same assertions are found here on a later post. NCWA states:  “The return of spring-run Chinook to the holding […]

October 31st

California water crisis: Judge rejects Westlands Water District’s proposed permanent water contract

On October 27, Fresno Superior Court Judge D. Tyler Tharpe tossed out the Westlands Water District’s proposed permanent federal water contract from the Central Valley Project (CVP) that would have allocated roughly double the amount of water that Los Angeles residents use in a year. By Dan Bacher Tharpe found Westlands, the largest federal irrigation district in the […]

October 30th

Yurok Tribe of California urges support for plan to manage Trinity River in a ‘more holistic manner’

The Yurok Tribe, the largest Indian Tribe in California, is urging Yurok Citizens and Allies to voice their support for a plan to manage the Trinity River, the largest tributary of the Klamath River, in a “more holistic manner.” By Dan Bacher In a statement issued yesterday, the Tribe said it “fully supports the Trinity River Winter Flow Variability […]

October 15th