Fossil Fuels

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The role of the banking industry in financing fossil fuel projects is under increasing scrutiny and opposition

Last week we observed a tweet from Konstantin Kisin getting shared around by a bunch of the usual suspects in denier Twitter. Kisin disapprovingly quote-tweeted a video of a climate protest showing seven women (in suffrage movement colors) protesting Barclay’s position as the biggest financier of fossil fuels in Europe, and seventh biggest in the world, early Wednesday […]

California can’t quit big oil because its pols can’t quit big oil money

This week, the environmental justice coalition VISION released a scorecard assessing the oil and gas records of California legislators. This scorecard represents a comprehensive analysis of legislative voting records during each legislator’s entire time in office. By Dan Bacher According to VISION, “It is the first and only scorecard to take into account the past nine […]

April 11th

Despite pledges on Tribal relations and climate, Biden declines to shut down Dakota Access Pipeline

Indigenous leaders and climate campaigners on Friday blasted President Joe Biden’s refusal to shut down the Dakota Access pipeline during a court-ordered environmental review, which critics framed as a betrayal of his campaign promises to improve tribal relations and transition the country to clean energy. By Jessica Corbett Common Dreams “Biden’s inaction to protect our […]

April 10th

Over 1,600 gallons of oil spilled in Inglewood Oil Field

Over 1,600 gallons of crude oil (40 barrels) spilled this week in the Inglewood Oil Field, the largest urban field in the country, when a pipeline was left open. The spill occurred just a few hundred feet from the Kenneth Hahn Park Playground. By Dan Bacher The Governors Office of Emergency Services Hazardous Material report listed the […]

April 10th

Fossil fuel companies took $8.2 billion in job-saving bailouts—Then fired 58,000 workers anyway

Bolstering arguments against providing further public benefits to the fossil fuel industry, a BailoutWatch analysis published Friday reveals that 77 companies got a collective $8.24 billion tax bailout last year, then laid off tens of thousands of employees. By Jessica Corbett Common Dreams The tax benefits for major polluters resulted from two provisions of the Coronavirus Aid, […]

April 7th

Mike Rowe’s newest, dirtiest job as fossil fuel shill shows how big oil co-opts community leaders

Last week the NAACP’s Environmental and Climate Justice Program published a report on Big Oil’s big lies, going through the industry’s top 10 tactics, the reality of carbon pollution’s out-sized impact on BIPOC and low-income communities, and then 10 tactics for climate justice advocates to fight back By Climate Denier Roundup In some ways, “Fossil Fueled […]

Solar swells as coal collapses: Analysis shows rapid shift to renewables underway

The nation’s transition from dirty to renewable energy is “nearing exponential growth”—a shift set to usher in “transformative” impacts within a handful of years. So declares the Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis (IEEFA) in its “U.S. Power Sector Outlook 2021” report released Wednesday. By Andrea Germanos Common Dreams Among the key findings (pdf) are that […]

April 5th

Oil & Gas Scorecard will document industry’s influence on California politics

As an independent investigative journalist exposing oil industry money and power in California, I get excited when any groups make my efforts to reveal Big Oil Deep Regulatory Capture in the so-called “green” and “progressive” state easier. Well, I’m happy to say that a coalition of community groups is releasing a scorecard grading California legislators in advance […]

April 2nd

Pro-life Evangelicals encourage Congress in revoking Trump’s methane rules

Evangelical Environmental Network is pleased that Congress introduced the Congressional Review Act resolution last week. As pro-life evangelicals, we have a special concern for the unborn. Before they take their first breath, we must ensure that all children have a healthy start, unhindered by the ravages of pollution. Central to delivering on this promise is […]

In California, communities are battling the last gasp of big oil

The climate crisis has already come to Kern County. In August, when wildfires raged across California, the county was choked with smoke, resulting in the worst air quality the region had seen in years—in a county where the air is regularly so unhealthy that it earns an F rating from the American Lung Association. By Michael Brune Sierra Club […]

March 29th