Fossil Fuels

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Will big oil’s slippery six CEOs actually testify to Congress about climate disinformation?

Remember in 2018, when the Washington Post hired Mark Lasswell from the Wall Street Journal to edit the opinion page? And we were concerned that maybe he’d bring climate denial along with him? Well yesterday the Washington Post published a third conservative columnists’ praise for Steven Koonin. Contributor Mich Daniels, president of Purdue University and barely not the worst recent Indiana […]

October 15th

Build Back Better: Puerto Rico has a chance to build a clean energy grid – Why does FEMA plan to rebuild a fossil fuel infrastructure instead?

Since Hurricane Maria devastated Puerto Rico in 2017, many residents and environmental advocates have called for new clean energy sources for the island. Currently Puerto Rico gets more than 97% of its electricity from imported fossil fuel. Power is expensive and unreliable. The Biden Administration has a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to help Puerto Rico transition to […]

October 14th

IEA sends clear message to world leaders ahead of COP26: Stop investing in new oil and gas infrastructure

Just over two weeks out from the COP26 climate summit in Glasgow, the International Energy Agency on Wednesday delivered a straightforward and urgent message to world leaders: Fossil fuels must stay in the ground if planetary warming is to be limited to 1.5°C by the end of the century. By Jake Johnson Common Dreams The IEA’s formal recognition […]

October 14th

We told you so – California’s ocean waters and coast still aren’t protected from big oil spills!

I wrote the below article in 2010 warning of the consequences of not protecting the ocean from oil spills, oil drilling, pollution and all human impacts other than fishing and gathering in the “marine protected areas” created under the Marine Life Protection Act (MLPA) Initiative. This article warned of the consequences of allowing a Big […]

October 14th

Thousands join ‘People Vs. Fossil Fuels’ protest at White House

At least 155 more protesters were arrested outside the White House Tuesday as part of a weeklong action pressuring President Joe Biden to declare a climate emergency and end all new fossil fuel projects. By Jessica Corbett Common Dreams Guided by the theme “fossil fuels are driving the climate crisis,” the latest demonstration followed over 100 arrests on […]

October 13th

People vs Fossil Fuels: Join us in DC this week for an uprising!

We can’t allow the era of fossil fuels to continue. That’s why community leaders harmed by fracking, pipelines, refineries, and other fossil fuel projects are calling for a historic protest in Washington, DC next week. Together, we’re organizing one of the largest civil disobedience actions in a decade. By RL Miller Climate Hawks Vote I’m […]

October 12th

‘Biden, can you hear us now?’ Ask indigenous leaders amid arrests at fossil fuel protest

More than 130 Native American Earth protectors were arrested in Washington, D.C. Monday, while others were blasted with sonic weaponry as tribal leaders and members from across the continent they call Turtle Island gathered on Indigenous Peoples’ Day to protest Enbridge’s Line 3 pipeline and other oil and gas ventures backed by President Joe Biden, and […]

October 12th

Environmental justice advocates respond to oil spill: End neighborhood and offshore oil drilling now

On Thursday, the California Environmental Justice Alliance (CEJA) and Voices in Solidarity against Oil in Neighborhoods (VISIÓN) urged lawmakers and the Newsom administration to treat the environmental health crisis caused by fossil fuels impacting working communities of color “with the same urgency as the Governor’s response to this weekend’s oil spill that occurred off the […]

October 10th

PA pipeline company charged with 48 counts, faces major penalties

The Pennsylvania attorney general announced 48 criminal charges against Energy Transfer over the construction of the Mariner East 2 pipeline on Tuesday. The charges cover multiple drilling fluid leaks as well as the use of unapproved chemical additives and reporting failures. By Nathan Kauffman Nexus Media News The controversial pipeline was intended to transport fracked […]

October 8th

Build Back Better is loaded with climate actions, but Big Oil is spending millions to gut them

As House Democrats prepare to grill representatives of Big Oil about their efforts to spread climate misinformation, a new InfluenceMap report details how fossil fuel trade groups are spending millions of dollars to mislead Americans against President Joe Biden’s widely popular $3.5 trillion Build Back Better plan and its robust climate provisions. By Brett Wilkins Common Dreams “Industry associations including the […]

October 7th

As oil continues to foul California coastline, Newsom’s oil and gas drilling approvals approach 10,000

Yesterday, Consumer Watchdog and Fractracker Alliance revealed in an alarming report that California oil and gas regulators have approved 9,728 oil drilling permits since Governor Gavin Newsom assumed office in January 2019. By Dan Bacher Here is their full report: Governor Newsom’s oil regulators have approved 9,728 oil drilling permits since he assumed office in […]

October 7th

Greenwashing: If big oil is serious about going green, they need to invest in clean energy (not more gas and oil)

A new analysis covered at DeSmog looked at over 3,000 social media ads and posts from six major European fossil fuel companies between December of 2019 through April of 2021, and found 63% painted the climate-destroying company as climate-friendly. By Climate Denier Roundup “Half of the companies analysed,” wrote Rachel Sherrington, “dedicated over 80 percent of their […]

California’s latest offshore oil spill could fuel pressure to end oil production statewide

An oil spill first reported on Oct. 2, 2021, has released thousands of gallons of crude oil into southern California coastal waters. The source is believed to be a leak in an underwater pipeline connected to an oil drilling platform 17.5 miles offshore. Oil has washed ashore in Huntington Beach and Newport Beach and into […]

October 5th

As oil spill fouls Cali beaches, Biden admin plows ahead with oil and gas leases

Less than 48 hours after one of the worst oil spills in Southern California history was first spotted—and as officials continue to monitor oil leaks that started weeks ago when Hurricane Ida collided with the Gulf Coast’s extensive fossil fuel infrastructure—the Biden administration on Monday confirmed its plan to expand offshore drilling, provoking resistance from environmental advocates.   By Kenny Stancil Common Dreams The […]

October 5th

Newsom admin issued 138 offshore well permits in CA waters prior to big oil spill!

While “marine protected areas” created under the leadership of a Big Oil lobbyist are currently threatened by a massive oil spill off Huntington Beach, the oil and gas regulatory agency under Governor Gavin Newsom has issued 138 oil permits for operations in state waters since he assumed office, Consumer Watchdog and FracTracker Alliance revealed today. By Dan Bacher The […]

October 5th