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Renewable Roundup: Clean energy eclipses coal

The targets become ever more tempting as antiquated coal plants age out and become ever more financially ruinous for their owners. Which ones are they working on where you are? Are we having fun yet? In a First, Renewable Energy Is Poised to Eclipse Coal in U.S. The coronavirus has pushed the coal industry to […]

May 24th

As we move away from oil and coal, ensuring a fair transition for US fossil fuel workers

Long before the coronavirus (COVID-19) hit and oil prices collapsed, the U.S. fossil fuel industry and its workers were vulnerable. Threats included increasing cost-competitiveness of renewable energy compared to fossil fuels, investor concerns about financial risks and stranded assets, and a changing policy landscape (at state and local levels at least) seeking to meet decarbonization […]

Australia listened to the science on coronavirus. Imagine if we did the same for coal mining

Australia’s relative success in stopping the spread of COVID-19 is largely due governments taking expert advice on a complex problem. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said of decisions on projects that threaten the environment – most notably, Adani’s Carmichael coal mine. Our research published today in Nature Sustainability documents how state and federal governments repeatedly ignored […]

Renewable Roundup: Coal plant closures in the coronavirus era

I have mentioned that some of the usual suspects think that the public will demand more expensive and more polluting power in response to the coronavirus pandemic. I am delighted to have facts to report, showing that this turns out not to be the case. By Mokurai Of course, it was malarkey all along. We […]

May 9th

Sweden closes last coal plant – TWO YEARS ahead of schedule

Go bye-bye! It has been pleasant to report more and more countries taking the Pledge, but it is much sweeter to see them achieve it. Coal first, then gas and oil, as demand for each collapses. Belgium first, then Austria, then Sweden, then… Sweden Shuts Down Its Last Coal Plant Two Years Early By Mokurai […]

May 5th

Coal phaseout is a ‘no-regret’ plan for tackling climate change

The combustion of coal is the single most important source of climate-warming CO2 emissions. As a result, phasing out coal is one of the most commonly discussed ways to help combat climate change – particularly in Europe, but increasingly globally as well.  Yet, if we look at the research on the subject, it usually only focuses on the costs and benefits for […]

Energy storage ramps up to bury coal and natural gas

Everybody knows that coal is on the way out, but the latest electricity report from BloombergNEF is something of a shocker. It casts a shadow of gloom over natural gas, too. Low-cost renewables are creeping into gas territory, helped along by falling costs for energy storage. In fact, according to BNEF, energy storage is now a cheaper […]

May 1st

Socialism for the rich: Coal companies want you to make them great again

The coal industry — what’s left of it — wants American taxpayers to cover more of the cost of treating black lung disease and cleaning up abandoned mines, according to The Washington Post. This is precisely the kind of corporate money grab that free market apologist who call themselves conservatives celebrate. By Steve Hanley Cleantechnica It’s a […]

April 11th

Last coal fired power plants closing in NY and UK

The end of burning coal to generate electricity is continuing. In the UK, two large coal-fired facilities have been closed recently — Fiddler’s Ferry in Cheshire and Aberthaw in Wales. Fiddler’s Ferry was first commissioned in 1973 and had a peak capacity of 2,000 megawatts. Aberthaw was rated at 1,560 megawatts. By Steve Hanley Cleantechnica […]

April 2nd

Solar vs carbon capture on the high plains (solar is WINNING)

South Dakota was once a quiet backwater for solar activity in the US, but no more. A major electricity wholesaler just inked its first ever solar energy deal to create the largest ever solar farm in South Dakota, and the ripple effect could spill out into 8 other states in the region. That includes neighboring […]

March 13th

Here’s how energy storage kills coal, one factory at a time

When recently impeached US President* Donald Trump tapped an auto industry lobbyist to lead the US Department of Energy last fall, eyes rolled back into heads. Well, it looks like the wrong eyes rolled. Despite the Commander-in-Chief’s oft-repeated promise to save coal jobs, coal power plants are still closing and the latest energy storage news […]

February 14th

Banks have put $1.9 TRILLION into fossil fuels since 2015. End the money pipeline!

In 2008, the big banks crashed the economy through reckless, predatory lending. Twelve years later, they’re working to do something even worse: crash the planet. With every dollar they invest in fossil fuel companies, big banks and asset managers make the climate crisis worse. And they’ve invested a lot of dollars. By Michael Brune Sierra Club Executive Director  […]

January 28th