Drill Baby Drill

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Western States Petroleum Association, Chevron spend $2.7 million lobbying California in 1st quarter of 2020

From January 1 to March 31, 2020, the Western States Petroleum Association (WSPA), the largest and most powerful corporate lobby in California, spent $1,089,702 lobbying state officials, according to financial data filed with the California Secretary of State on April 30. Meanwhile, after the Legislature recessed at home during the coronavirus pandemic, U.S. oil prices collapsed below […]

May 4th

Bankrupt oil and fracking companies are sucking up billions of coronavirus bailout dollars

This week’s decision by Trump’s Federal Reserve mirrors the Independent Petroleum Association of America’s request to bail out Big Oil. By Dan Bacher Here are all of the details from the Western Values Project: HELENA, MT – Yesterday, Trump’s Federal Reserve opened the floodgates to big oil in a decision that will allow financially unsustainable oil and gas corporations […]

May 2nd

Another study shows climate-warming methane leakage much higher than industry has claimed

Yet another study has found methane emissions from oil and gas operations to be higher than previous tallies in the same region. Published this week in the peer-reviewed journal Science Advances, the study of the fossil-fuel-rich Permian Basin of Texas concluded: “Based on satellite measurements from May 2018 to March 2019, Permian methane emissions from oil and natural gas production [amount to] 3.7% of […]

April 25th

A Tale Of Two Oil States: Norway & Alberta, Canada

Both Norway and Alberta, Canada are economies that gain huge profits from selling oil. They have huge natural reserves of it and make ginormous profits from feeding our “need” for oil powered transportation. However, their method of deploying those profits is in sharp contrast, and interestingly it even guides their philosophies and how they view […]

April 24th

Big oil continues to lie about their godawful methane emissions (It’s the fracking!)

We’ve previously pointed out the American Petroleum Institute’s misleading claims that the oil and gas industry has reduced methane emissions by 50% since 1990. What that figure conceals is that methane emissions have actually increased by 40% since 2006, which coincidentally happens to be around the time that fracking really took off. While the literature is still figuring […]

Why did methane emissions take a big jump in 2019?

As we learned three months ago, after a big rise in 2018, U.S. greenhouse gas emissions fell slightly in 2019, almost entirely because of reduced coal burning. And because of the broad economic hiatus induced to fight the novel coronavirus, emissions have already fallen so far this year. But that’s temporary, and while the lowered levels of […]

April 9th