Drill Baby Drill

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Evangelical Environmental Network: Subsidize families, NOT pollution

Last week, in what can only be called ugly and ill-advised, Pennsylvania President Pro Tempore Senator Scarnati forwarded HB 1100—the so called “Energy and Fertilizer Manufacturing Tax Credit”—to Governor Wolf for his signature. While the final passage of HB 1100 occurred on February 4, 2020, Senator Scarnati chose the chaos of the Coronavirus pandemic as […]

Renewable energy developers ready to quit Australia over ridiculous government policies

At CleanTechnica, we like to feature all of the amazing clean energy projects taking place in Australia, despite hostility from the federal government. But there is trouble on the horizon. A lack of clear renewable energy policies from the Australian government and difficulty getting approval from the Australian Electricity Market Operator to connect new projects to the […]

February 27th

Big oil in California suffers another big court loss

Environmental justice and conservation groups and local farmers won a significant victory yesterday when a California appeals court ruled that a Kern County oil and gas ordinance — written by oil industry consultants — violated the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA). By Dan Bacher California’s Fifth District Court of Appeals found that a key county analysis failed to disclose the full […]

February 27th

Tar Sands FAIL: Teck Resources pulls the plug on $15.5 billion Alberta project

Sometimes it’s good to be prescient. CleanTechnica published a story today about two natural gas pipelines that have been held up for years by opponents. In that story, we suggested time may be working to the advantage of environmental activists. Renewables get cheaper every day, it seems, while public awareness that burning fossil fuels is endangering the planet increases. […]

February 25th