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How the natural gas industry is ‘Weaponizing equity amidst a climate crisis’

Earlier this month when the NAACP published a report on how the fossil fuel industry throws money around to exert its power and get what it wants (more money and power, so more pollution) we used Mike Rowe’s faux-working class persona as an example of how Big Oil co-opts community leaders. By Climate Denier Roundup While that was […]

As science shows fracking drives methane pollution, big oil says voluntary measures will suffice

Last week,, a pair of studies showed that the amount of methane, a powerful greenhouse gas, in the atmosphere has risen to record levels, and that while globally agriculture remains a key source of methane, fossil fuels are to blame for 80% of the increase in methane pollution in North America. Between 2000 and 2017, methane concentrations […]

Chevron jumps on bandwagon, aligns business strategy with Paris Climate Agreement goals

US-based oil and gas major Chevron has attempted to undercut a shareholder rebellion by announcing plans to align its business strategy with the Paris Climate Agreement, vowing to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 25% to 30%. However, the company’s promises do not fully meet investor demands. By Joshua S Hill Cleantechnica Chevron published an update […]

February 13th

Why shouldn’t we store highly-pressurized gas under our homes and communities? (Bad idea!)

Environmental leaders from the Protect Playa Now! coalition issued a statement on January 22 demanding answers and accountability for a methane gas blowout at a well in the Playa del Rey Oil Field, operated by MDR Hotels, LLC and connected to a methane gas storage field operated by SoCalGas. The coalition’s call to action follow an emergency order released by […]

January 23rd

Taking California back to the bad old Enron days – Just say NO to AB 813!

A press conference and rally on the south steps of the State Capitol in Sacramento Wednesday featured actors playing Governor Jerry Brown and President Donald Trump lying together in a bed full of oil and coal in front of a large banner that proclaimed, “Jerry Brown: Don’t Submit to Trump, No More Coal, No More Drilling.” The skit, accompanied by speeches from representatives […]

August 16th

Natural gas: Fuel for the future or bridge to nowhere?

Natural gas has long been called a “bridge fuel” to renewable energy due to its presumed lower emissions rates. What industry representatives at last month’s World Gas Conference in Washington failed to mention is that there’s loads of evidence that we are reaching the end of the bridge. By Climate Denier Roundup The conference turned into megaphone for natural […]

Return of the Enron energy ripoff – coming soon to California?

A report unveiled by Consumer Watchdog, “Betting Against The House,” warns of “Enron all over again” as Governor Jerry Brown and electricity-deregulation era fixers are poised to rip off California ratepayers with a revival of the Western Power Trading casino.  By Dan Bacher Below is the news release, with a link to the report, from Consumer Watchdog: […]

June 19th

Years Project Video: FERC is poised to get a lot more powerful (& that’s bad for the climate)

Most Americans don’t think about the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) much, but the agency has a lot more power over their lives than they might realize. FERC plays a big role in deciding what energy projects get approved in the U.S., and the current administration has appointed a number of friends of the fossil […]

October 20th

Rick Perry holds back Energy Department Grid Study. Sierra Club sues.

Sierra Club sued the Department of Energy (DOE) today for the agency’s repeated delays in providing information on Rick Perry’s ongoing grid study, amid suspicion that draft versions of the study may be dramatically altered by political appointees in the Trump Administration. Today’s lawsuit was filed after the Department of Energy failed to provide documents […]

August 16th

Youth activists stand against Oregon pipeline

It’s youth of today vs energy of the past in Oregon today. Youth climate justice leaders from Oregon and California, including plaintiffs in the climate action lawsuit Juliana v. US. (supported by Our Children’s Trust) will challenge a Liquid Natural Gas Pipeline as a threat to climate, water and communities today. By Dan Bacher  The young […]

July 15th

Peak oil: Saudi Aramco CEO says oil shortage is coming. Discoveries and investments are down.

The CEO of Saudi Aramco, Amin Nasser,  recently told a conference in Istanbul that the world is  heading toward an oil supply shortage as a result of falling discoveries of new conventional oil reserves and steep drops in new investment. By James Ayre  This situation — peak oil for conventional oil fields, which was passed several […]

July 11th

While Rick Perry denies climate science, his Energy Department is booming on renewable energy

You wouldn’t know it from the hoots of laughter emanating from the Intertubes over Energy Secretary Perry’s latest ridiculous gaffe, but all last week the Energy Department has been cranking out good news about renewable energy at an especially furious pace. The occasion was the 40th anniversary of the National Renewable Energy Laboratory. By Tina Casey  […]

July 11th

We actually have a TON of options to get to 100 percent renewable energy

There’s been a rambunctious debate in the media over the thorny question: Is it even possible to get our energy system to 100 percent renewable energy? The bottom line: We have more options than problems. By George Harvey  A number of people made some really interesting comments on my recent article, “Can we get to 100 percent […]

July 11th

Renewable energy will soon be cheapest electricity

Renewable energy sources like wind and solar are already as cheap or cheaper than traditional fuels in about half of G20 countries, and are soon to be the cheapest form of electricity in every G20 country, according to a new report from Greenpeace in advance of the G20 Summit in Hamburg. By Joshua S Hill  Published […]

July 8th

D.C. court hands EPA’s Pruitt a defeat over Obama’s methane rule

In case you missed it, a divided three-judge panel of the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled Monday that Scott Pruitt, the Environmental Protection Agency-hating EPA administrator, overstepped his authority by delaying enforcement of the standards in a rule designed by the Obama administration to reduce methane emissions from new equipment at oil and gas operations. The court ordered Pruitt to […]

July 5th