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Pipelines have broad authority to build through private property. The coronavirus hasn’t slowed them down.

Pipeline giant Kinder Morgan is cutting a 400-mile line across the middle of Texas, digging up vast swaths of private land for its planned Permian Highway Pipeline. The project is ceaseless, continuing through the coronavirus pandemic. Landowner Heath Frantzen said that dozens of workers have showed up to his ranch in Fredericksburg, even as public […]

Pipeline politics in the US – the latest developments

Pipelines crisscross America, carrying oil to refineries as well as gasoline and natural gas to consumers. It’s not a stretch to say they are the arteries that provide the energy that keeps the American economy humming. Eliminate  them and we would be back to walking and hitching old Dobbin up to the buckboard for a […]

March 9th

Native protest against tar sands pipeline shuts down Canadian rail service

Today, there are 6 groups who can claim Wet’suwet’en heritage. Five of them have signed agreements with the developers of the Coastal GasLink pipeline, but the sixth has refused to do so. According to The Guardian, Wet’suwet’en chiefs say the authority of these groups only applies to reservations, not traditional territory. It just so happens the proposed […]

February 17th

Mark Ruffalo and Keystone pipeline fighters double down on resistence

The ‘Promise to Protect’, endorsed by dozens of groups, activists and celebrities, urges all who can to sign up for future mass resistance along the Keystone XL pipeline route. Here’s the statement from the coalition backing the “Promise to Protect.” By Dan Bacher Lower Brule, SD — In response to today’s decision by the Nebraska Public […]

November 20th

Keystone XL pipeline still seeking approval as Keystone I pipeline leaks 210k gallons of crude

They’re calling it the “Amherst incident” after the unicorporated town in northeast South Dakota where TransCanada’s Keystone I underground pipeline has leaked what the company said Thursday was 210,000 gallons of dilbit crude oil. That’s 5,000 barrels. Remember that number. Past experience with spills tells us that the count is likely to be revised higher. By Meteor Blades […]

November 18th

Keystone XL: Trump may want it, but nobody else does (even big oil)

Intended to transport oil from the Alberta tar sands in Canada to refineries on the Gulf Coast of the United States, the Keystone XL pipeline was blocked by President Obama in his last year in office, thanks in large measure to unrelenting opposition from 350.org, the climate activism organization cofounded by Bill McKibben. By Steve Hanley  But […]

August 2nd

Trump bailing on another promise – using US steel for pipelines

Just four days after he took office, Pr*sident Donald Trump fulfilled one of his campaign promises by issuing a memorandum calling for a Commerce Department study on using American steel for pipelines – all-new, retrofitted, repaired, or expanded U.S. pipelines. The problem for Trump is that it’s likely no way can be found to craft a domestic-steel-only policy that’s legal. […]

May 5th

Native American and Environmental Groups Sue Over Trump’s Keystone XL Pipeline Permit

The Indigenous Environmental Network (IEN) and North Coast Rivers Alliance (NCRA) filed suit in Federal District Court in Great Falls, Montana on Monday, March 27, challenging the Presidential Permit issued by President Trump allowing construction and operation of the Keystone XL Pipeline. By Dan Bacher IEN’s and NCRA’s Complaint challenging the State Department’s approval of […]

April 1st