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Sign the petition: There’s no “controversy” around gas stoves

You’ve heard about the controversy, here’s the facts: Gas stoves are bad for your health, and especially the health of children living in the same home (enclosed space) as them.  They’re also super-bad for the climate, with roughly a third of US homes using this dirty, toxic fossil fuel to cook their food, and our climate. By RL […]

January 19th

Cow farts and cold waves: Climate disinformation in 2022

In August 2016, California’s dairy lobby fought against climate policy by talking about cow farts. In spring and summer of 2019, cow farts became a centerpiece of the opposition to the Green New Deal. In October 2021, PolitiFact had to have an expert explain that “there’s no ‘cow fart tax’” being considered in Congress. In November 2022, a USAToday fact check in response to a […]

December 26th

Congress has the goods on big oil – they’ve been lying about “natural gas” all along

One of the most explosive revelations in the just released House Oversight Committee report on Big Oil disinformation is that the oil industry never saw methane, what they euphemistically rebranded “natural gas,” as a “bridge fuel” to a clean energy future: they always saw it as a “destination,” an ongoing addiction they planned to do everything in their […]

December 15th

Notorious “Gasland” fracking company to pay millions for poisoning town’s water

Environmental justice advocates celebrated this week when a fracking company accepted responsibility for poisoning drinking water supplies in Dimock, Pennsylvania. Nearly 14 years after a well explosion on New Year’s Day 2009 revealed to Dimock residents that methane had percolated into their groundwater, Cabot Oil & Gas pleaded no contest to 15 criminal charges, including nine felonies. The […]

December 1st

Biden’s LNG export goal ‘Would spell climate disaster’

As the United Nations released its latest report showing that the continued failure of wealthy countries to immediately transition away from fossil fuels will cause catastrophic global heating, a new analysis warned the White House to scrap its plans to export billions of cubic meters of fracked gas to Europe annually until 2030. By Julia Conley Common Dreams […]

October 27th

Steps Toward Electrification: California will halt sale of gas heaters and furnaces by 2030

California on Thursday committed to prohibiting the sale of so-called “natural” gas heaters and furnaces by the end of the decade, a first-in-the-nation move climate campaigners and environmentalists hope will serve as an example other states will follow. By Brett Wilkins Common Dreams The California Air Resources Board (CARB) unanimously approved a plan primarily aimed at attaining the […]

September 24th

A bridge to nowhere: Natural gas will not lead to a sustainable energy future

The Canadian government has used Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and the removal of Russian natural gas exports to justify increasing natural gas production in Canada. Much of the necessary infrastructure for producing and transporting this liquefied natural gas (LNG) would, however, take years to develop, locking Canada into an emissions pathway that is incompatible with […]

September 19th

Going fossil fuel free: Is your gas stove terrible for your health?

Cooks love their gadgets, from countertop slow cookers to instant-read thermometers. Now, there’s increasing interest in magnetic induction cooktops – surfaces that cook much faster than conventional stoves, without igniting a flame or heating an electric coil. Jonathan Levy, Boston University The Conversation Some of this attention is overdue: Induction has long been popular in […]

September 17th

The Inflation Reduction Act has a methane fee to cut emissions (but it’s full of loopholes – thanks, Manchin!)

The newly enacted Inflation Reduction Act contains the world’s first-ever fee on methane, a powerful greenhouse gas believed to be responsible for roughly 30% of global temperature rise since the Industrial Revolution. But analysts and climate advocates fear that the fee, which is aimed at incentivizing U.S. fossil fuel companies to stop deliberately spewing the gas into the atmosphere, […]

August 24th

Orphan wells are leaking methane and toxins across Louisiana

At least 4,600 documented orphaned oil and gas wells are spread across Louisiana, with major human health and climate ramifications for the  230,000 people, including 15,000 children under five years old, who live within a mile of an orphan well. Many of those wells, plus the unknown number of undocumented orphan wells and unsealed “idle” […]

July 20th

Evangelical Environmental Network: To safeguard the health of our children, cut methane pollution

The following is the written testimony of EEN’s Vice President for Science & Policy, The Rev. Dr. Jessica Moerman, from the House Select Committee on the Climate Crisis hearing entitled “Cutting Methane Pollution: Safeguarding Health, Creating Jobs, and Protecting Our Climate” on June 24, 2022: Dear Chair Castor and Ranking Member Graves, Thank you for your service to […]