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Atomic bomb survivors speak out against nuclear power

As the world marks the 75th anniversary of the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki on August 6th and 9th, some of the individuals who survived the horror of nuclear detonation are speaking out against the continued proliferation of nuclear energy. By Lauren McCauley Common Dreams With strong backing from President Shinzo Abe, Japan is restarted […]

August 6th

Hiroshima and the new nuclear arms race — no winners

75 years ago today the United States dropped the first atomic bomb over the city of Hiroshima, Japan. This nuclear weapon resulted in the deaths of an estimated 140,000 individuals. Three days later on August 9, a similar attack was carried out on the city of Nagasaki, Japan killing an additional 80,000 people. These events […]

August 6th

Fake environmentalist Mike Shellenberger spreads fake talking points to promote lie-filled book

We first mentioned nuclear power-lover and renewable-hating former environmentalist Michael Shellenberger back in 2015, when he accused the Pope of blasphemy (among other things). By 2018 his anti-renewable schtick was catching on with the paid-by-fossil-fuels denial crowd, for example in his embrace of pollution-publicist Steve Milloy’s argument that a little nuclear radiation is perfectly safe. By Climate Denier Roundup Now […]

Where nuclear energy and renewable energy collide: QIS

Recruiting the next generation of top innovators into energy careers used to be a matter of oil, gas, coal, nuclear, and more nuclear. With renewable energy in the mix and planet-saving on the table, all four of those sectors (five, if you count nuclear twice) are jockeying to wedge themselves into the “clean” category. So, […]

June 11th

Why is nuclear power failing? 6 charts full of data make the case.

Pro-nuclear advocates have a few go-to cliches in their rhetorical kitbag. A big one is that the public has an irrational fear of nuclear energy and it’s led to nuclear shutdowns and excessive regulation. Let’s examine the historical record of nuclear generation to see if it’s possible to identify the footprints of public fear and […]

March 18th

Trump, master dealmaker, screws up nuclear deal with North Korea

Another leisurely train trip for North Korea’s Dear Leader. More incoherent blather from the Best Dealmaker Ever. Nuclear summit cut short. No ceremonial signing of an agreement because no agreement. If you were hoping somehow to wangle one of the pens used to sign that historic document, sorry, you’re out of luck. By Meteor Blades […]

March 1st

Trump wants to sell nuclear reactors to Saudi Arabia. That’s a terrible idea for so many reasons.

mm Saudi Arabia has many possible motives for pursuing nuclear power. TTstudio/ By Chen Kane, Middlebury The Conversation According to a congressional report, a group that includes former senior U.S. government officials is lobbying to sell nuclear power plants to Saudi Arabia. As an expert focusing on the Middle East and the spread of nuclear […]

February 26th