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Trump’s reckless, dishonest, myopic blustering on Iran nuclear agreement weakens U.S. national security

With a blast of bombast, Donald Trump made clear once again this week that he wants to dump or renegotiate the Iran nuclear agreement—known formally as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action—which he calls “an embarrassment to the United States.” He also says he has already made up his mind about what to do, but he’s not telling anybody what he has decided. […]

September 21st

More than 80 non-proliferation experts urge Trump to stick with Iran nuclear agreement

In a statement this week, some fourscore nuclear nonproliferation experts urged Pr*sident Donald Trump and Congress not to abandon the 2015 multilateral agreement hammered out in negotiations among Iran, Germany, the United States, and the other four permanent members of the U.N. Security Council. By Meteor Blades Since the nuclear deal was implemented in January 2016, the […]

September 16th

Trump admin wants to make nuclear war more likely.

As part of its Nuclear Posture Review—the first since the 2010 review was completed—the Trump regime is said to be considering the building of a “mini-nuke,” a nuclear bomb with a low explosive yield. Advocates have long claimed this would improve U.S. deterrence. Approval of such a development would overturn the Obama administration’s policy of limiting reliance on […]

September 10th

Nikki Haley shreds her credibility over Iran’s nuclear compliance

Nikki Haley, who didn’t have a lick of foreign policy experience before Pr*sident Donald Trump appointed her to be ambassador to the United Nations, delivered a speech on Iran’s compliance with the 2015 multinational nuclear agreement to the American Enterprise Institute Tuesday. It was quite the pile of manure. A compilation of lies that contradicted the latest report […]

September 7th

Florida’s largest utility dumps nuclear plans, amps up solar energy

Nuclear power in the US took another hit last week, as Florida’s Duke Energy announced it is abandoning plans for the Levy Nuclear Project and will build more solar power plants instead. It is also taking other measures to increase the amount of renewable energy available to its customers in the Sunshine State. The announcement came […]

September 5th

Renewable energy share PASSING nuclear. Not in 50 years – RIGHT NOW.

The US Energy Information Administration last week published its latest ‘Electric Power Monthly’ which reveals US renewable energy is locked in a virtual dead-heat with US nuclear energy, each providing about 20% of U.S. electrical generation. However, it’s predicted that nuclear will soon see its percentage share decrease, while renewables will continue to grow. By Joshua S […]

August 28th

Nuclear energy: Graham wants feds to pony up to revive failed SC reactors

 Nuclear power advocates want billions of tax dollars to resurrect failed SC reactor project By Meteor Blades  The two uncompleted reactors were part of what was meant to be a renaissance of U.S. nuclear power construction after a 30-year hiatus. Background: After blowing $10 billion, power companies give up on 2 more nuke plants Rather than individually […]

August 16th

Nuclear power – After blowing $10 billion, power companies give up on 2 more nuke plants

The U.S. nuclear “renaissance” goes the way critics said it likely would – down the tubes. By Meteor Blades  The South Carolina Electric & Gas and Santee Cooper have abandoned two Westinghouse reactors they spent $10 billion on. The reactors were supposed to make building nuclear power plants quicker and cheaper, enabling the industry to launch a bunch of new […]

August 7th

Renewable energy passes nuclear for first time in US

Renewable energy sources are now providing more electricity than nuclear power for the first time ever in the United States, according to figures issued by the US Energy Information Administration and highlighted by Ken Bossong’s Sun Day Campaign. By Joshua S Hill The US Energy Information Administration (EIA) published its most recent Electric Power Monthly report […]

June 27th

Fukushima disaster could have been prevented, says new study

By Jeremy Bloom With cleanup barely begun four years after the Fukushima disaster, a new study looking at the run-up to the worst nuclear meltdown in history says it could have easily been prevented. While most studies have focused on the response to the accident, we’ve found that there were design problems that led to the disaster […]

October 2nd

Fukushima scientists confirm meltdown in 3rd reactor

By Jeremy Bloom The Wall Street Journal reports that scientists investigating the Fukushima power plant have confirmed a third of its reactors had a serious meltdown when the 2011 earthquake and tsunami destroyed the plant. Part of the problem: The plant is such a disaster that the only way they can tell what the hell happened, […]

October 1st