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We told you so – Fracking causes earthquakes

It’s been apparent for a couple of years, but a new study in the journal Geology has the smoking gun – fracking does indeed cause earthquakes. Fracking (or hydraulic fracturing) pushes deep pockets of gas to the surface by injecting a nasty chemical brine deep into rock layers. Then the wastewater is re-injected as well. […]

March 27th

Fracking liars: So much for energy independence

We’re told over and over again that we just HAVE to approve every imaginable oil and gas project in order to achieve energy independence for America. So how come the minute they get approval, the companies turn around and immediately demand the right to export all that energy? From coal to tar-sands oil to coal […]

February 5th

James Howard Kunstler: Peak oil, peak bullshit

By James Howard Kunstler Those inhabiting the economic wish-space got a case of the vapors last week when the Paris-based International Energy Agency (IEA) published an annual report stating that the USA would overtake Saudi Arabia as the world’s leading oil producer and reach the long-touted nirvana of “energy independence.” The news was greeted in […]

November 20th

Now, Pennsylvania GOP wants fracking… at state universities?

Not content with pushing fracking into state lands and state parks, now the fossil fuel addicts of Pennsylvania’s state legislature want to push the dangerous, messy process onto state university lands. State Rep Donald C. White (R-41) – who just happened to have taken in $94,150 in campaign cash from the industry, explains: “This legislation provides an opportunity […]

October 16th

Good news, bad news: Vermont first state to ban fracking

The good news: Vermont’s fracking ban passed, making it the first state to completely ban the ugly, polluting technique that destroys rural life while encouraging our contry’s continued addiction to fossil fuel. Vermont Gov. Peter Shumlin on Wednesday signed into law the nation’s first ban on a hotly debated natural gas drilling technique that involves […]

May 17th

Fracking gets the Obama treatment

Natural gas fracking is spreading wildly, with very little oversight – especially in states like Pennsylvania, which was pretty much bought outright by the energy industry in the 2010 election. Now, President Obama appears to be making moves to take up some of that slack. He signed an executive order today that sets up a […]

April 13th

Action: Last chance to keep New York from getting fracked up

By Kate Sinding Senior Attorney, Natural Resources Defense Counsel Tomorrow night is the final of four hearings being held by the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation (details here and below) on its most recent proposal to allow new fracking across major parts of the state. This is NYC residents’ opportunity to tell Governor Cuomo to slow down because the state […]

November 30th

Did fracking cause the Oklahoma earthquake?

There was a 5.6 magnitude earthquake in Oklahoma last night. Buildings shook, chimneys and towers collapsed, and there was other extensive property damage. It was the worst quake in Oklahoma history. The only question is: How long will authorities continue to deny that fracking is a problem? Last year, we reported on earthquakes in  Cleburn, […]

November 6th

This is bad: Fracking causes earthquakes.

By Briana Mordick Natural Resources Defense Council In a report commissioned by United Kingdom-based Cuadrilla Resources, researchers concluded that a series of earthquakes in Lancashire, UK were likely caused by hydraulic fracturing. Two relatively large earthquakes, with magnitudes 2.3 and 1.5, and 48 smaller events occurred in the hours after several stages of the Preese Hall 1 well […]

November 4th