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Watch the Daily Show go to a Trump rally and find plenty of deplorables

By Jeremy Bloom What’s the deal with the “Deplorables”? Are there really Trump supporters who are racists, misogynists, and (gasp) right wing conspiracy nuts? Well, frankly, yes. The Daily Show’s Jordan Klepper goes to a Trump rally and interviews The Proverbial Man in the Street, and guess what? They’re even more nuts than you could […]

September 21st

Shit Trump supporters say – Daily Show video

By Jeremy Bloom What kind of people do we want in America? Only great American people! Fortunately, Donald Trump has a solution: “We should only admit into this country people who share our values and respect our people. I call it Extreme Vetting. I call it EXTREME. EXTREME vetting.” Yes, he really talks like that. It’s […]

August 19th

Build your own Straight Outta Compton meme

By Jeremy Bloom This is fun! Play around with Dr. Dre’s Straight Outta Compton meme-generating site and see what you can come up with. Because #BlackMemesMatter, too! If you make something good, share it with us here, or on our Facebook page (and why don’t you like our Facebook page while you’re over there?)   […]

August 17th

Top 10 ways to green your Thanksgiving

They say that green is the new black, but that doesn’t mean you have to get all emo about it. It’s possible to be joyful and celebratory – and smart. As we officially enter the season of holiday cheer, holiday shopping and holiday excess, we can all think about the planet, too… Getting There – Thanksgiving […]

November 21st

Occupy Wall Street: You say you want a revolution? (With video)

    Well, you know… we all want to change the world. But as we work through the next weeks, it’s important to remember where we’ve been, so we can get where we actually want to go, and not get steered down another dead end. One of the wonderful things about this revolution is the […]

October 23rd

Occupy Wall Street: Willie Nelson stands with the 99 (with video!)

Add one more wealthy voice to the mix supporting occupy Wall Street. Willy Nelson and his wife, Annie D’Angelo, have written a poem in support of the Occupy movement. (Video at the end, if you can ‘t wait…) We are the ones with the 99 We stand with humanity Against the insanity We’re the ones […]

October 23rd

Discover the future at the 2011 World Science Fiction Convention

Once upon a time… but not so very very long ago… there were no electric cars. Or solar energy. Or environmental/political websites. Before the engineers began to make them possible, the Science Fiction writers dreamed them up.

So what’s next? Ask the Science Fiction writers of today. From Wednesday through Sunday, they – along with publishers, editors, science fact writers, scientists, and fans – will be gathering in Reno, Nevada for “Renovation”, the 69th annual World Science Fiction Convention.

August 15th