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Environmental Photographer of the Year awards show the impact of climate change on the world’s children

The winners of the environmental photographer of the year competition were announced earlier this week at COP26. The competition is organised by the environmental and water management charity CIWEM and free environmental streaming platform WaterBear. The latter has found fame with the award-winning documentary My Octopus Teacher depicting a filmmaker’s friendship with an octopus living in a South African kelp […]

November 21st

Minimum Viable Planet: Does the climate crisis keep you up at night?

I think often about this great New York Times Magazine piece from a few years back, a letter of recommendation on segmented sleep, or dorveille, as the French call it, and which, like poubelle, is one of their words that punch so much classier than their weight. By Sarah Lazarovic Minimum Viable Planet Writes Jesse Barron: In the preindustrial […]

October 3rd

Minimum Viable Planet: Judging your climate impact (and mine)

Everyone hates the preachy envirotwerp. When someone annoying says you can’t eat steak or fly to Bora Bora or buy the double-decker limited edition Yeezy Hummer, the backlash effects are profound. Eco-Insufferables make you want to buy two tickets to Bora Bora (Bora Bora Bora Bora?) just to spite them. By Sarah Lazarovic Minimum Viable Planet My […]

September 11th

Five satellite images that show how fast our planet is changing

You have probably seen satellite images of the planet through applications like Google Earth. These provide a fascinating view of the surface of the planet from a unique vantage point and can be both beautiful to look at and useful aids for planning. But satellite observations can provide far more insights than that. In fact, […]