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Occupy Sesame Street!

Because revolution should, first and foremost, be fun – and not take itself too seriously.
There are now more than 1000 spin-off actions of Occupy Wall Street – from Occupy Albuquerque to Occupy Yucca Valley. But… can you tell me how to get to Occupy Sesame Street?
It is, indeed, truly outrageous that 1% of the monsters get 99% of the cookies…

October 8th

Trump is the chump at correspondents’ dinner

The White House Correspondents’ Dinner is a chance for everyone in Washington to chill out, kick back and get a little silly.

While President Bush made an ass of himself in past years – seeking, but not finding, weapons of mass destruction – President Obama took the opportunity to poke fun at OTHER people who were making asses of themselves. Particularly Donald Trump.

May 1st