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EcoRight News: Senators bridge partisan divide to work on climate

We love seeing our spokespeople published so three cheers for Tyler Gillette and his Letter to the Editor (LTE) that ran today in the Columbus Dispatch thanking Senator Rob Portman for joining the Senate Climate Solutions Caucus. By Chelsea Henderson EcoRight News/ RepublicEN In Senators bridge partisan divide to work on climate Tyler writes: While he’s been known for championing means to enhance […]

February 11th

Conservative-only climate event pushes congressional Republicans for carbon price

This week, conservative voters from across America are in D.C. to build Republican support for a carbon price. Known as Conservative Climate Lobby Day, this first-of-its-kind event is hosted by Citizens’ Climate Lobby. More than 90 conservatives are attending from 30 states, including Arkansas, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Texas, Utah, and Wyoming. By Citizens’ Climate […]

GOP’s alternative to the Green New Deal: Throw money at fossil fuels

Last week, we were skeptical of Republicans’ latest attempts to appease suburban women and millenial voters by proposing a legislative response to the Green New Deal. While the GOP certainly could have proposed policies that fit well within conservative ideology’s preference for market-based mechanisms, most notably a carbon tax, the few details provided did not exactly inspire […]

January 31st

EcoRight News climate week in review for January 24

Hello, EcoRight! I hope this week’s update finds you well, warm, and ready to read all about our forward progress in getting our messages out loud and clear.  Spotlight on spokespeople: We are thrilled to see one of our newest members, Mary Anna Mancuso, featured in the Palm Beach Post with the op-ed No plan for climate […]

January 24th

Kochs pull out their big guns against a carbon tax

Today the Citizens Climate Lobby is holding a public event on Capitol Hill as part of its lobby day. The event is meant to promote putting a price on carbon and will give attendees a chance to share their climate story, record a message for congressional leaders, and even create some art. By Climate Denier Roundup Perhaps […]

Former congressman Carlos Curbelo weighs in on climate progress

“You can always count on me!” is how former Florida Representative Carlos Curbelo signed off of Citizens’ Climate Lobby’s national call this month.  While in office, Curbelo worked closely with CCL as the Republican co-chair of the Climate Solutions Caucus. Today, between “enjoying the private life a bit” and serving as a fellow at Columbia’s Center on […]

We’re Better Than H.R. 9, the Climate Action Now Act

The Climate Action Now Act, which reaffirms the U.S. contribution to the international Paris Climate Accord, is up for a vote. Given its 224 cosponsors, it’s passage is a foregone conclusion. Great news, right? What’s not to like? I so wish I could be for it. But I can’t. The Rev. Jim Ball, Ph.D. Evangelical […]

House Democrats pass bill to keep U.S. in Paris climate agreement (but it’s dead in the Senate)

Quite a number of Republican politicians have softened their erstwhile rhetoric on the climate crisis lately. They’ve stepped away from language like “hoax” and say they agree that the climate is changing and that government policy must address this. But when it comes down to actual legislation, even something as exceedingly modest as H.R 9—the Climate Action Now bill that passed the House Thursday—the words […]

May 3rd