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EcoRight News climate change week in review for April 5

Happy Friday! You made it! Sit back and enjoy the EcoRight news before finding your way to the weekend. By Chelsea Henderson EcoRight News/ RepublicEN Green REAL Deal: In the big news this week, Florida’s Congressman Matt Gaetz“shatter[ed] the do-nothing orthodoxy that Republicans adopted during the Great Recession” (according to Bob Inglis) by introducing the Green Real Deal, […]

April 5th

Green New Deal opponents’ arguments are TEN YEARS out of date (wake up and smell the climate change!)

The Green New Deal debate has certainly generated its fair share of fireworks, highlighting the growing rift between climate change deniers who are insane (like Utah Senator Mike “Climate change? Fuck it!” Lee) and those who are pretending to be sane (like Matt “Holocaust denial’s fine but climate denial isn’t” Gaetz). By Climate Denier Roundup But if […]

GOP Sen Alexander calls for Manhattan Project to boost renewable energy

Tennessee Senator Lamar Alexander, who has long advocated a sector-by-sector approach to climate change, is putting forth a “Manhattan Project for Clean Energy” which would include measures such as increased energy research funding, advanced nuclear energy deployment, improved battery technology, and greener buildings, ten “grand challenges” to help create cheap and clean sources of energy. From my […]

March 26th

Romney whipping GOP on climate change: “We better HOPE it’s man made, or we’re in TROUBLE”

Utah Senator Mitt Romney, who as governor of Massachusetts oversaw enactment of that state’s initial climate change plan, is quietly assembling a small group of GOP senators to shift the narrative on climate change and come forward with a legislative option Republicans can support.   By Chelsea Henderson EcoRight News/ RepublicEN “There’s no question that we’re […]

March 25th

EcoRight News climate change week in review for March 22

Happy Friday. Our thoughts are with those in the midwest suffering the ravages of flooding. This week’s must listen: From Alaska Public Radio’s Liz Ruskin, listen to this clip of Senator Lisa Murkowski talking about what climate change action is politically possible. “In Alaska, we view that there is no choice here,” she said. “In the Arctic we’re seeing […]

March 22nd

Wind power is a big part of climate action. When will Congress get its act together?

A New York Times article recently spoke bleakly about “the disarray in Washington.” The authors suggested that, even with its procedural shambles, Congress may be able to pass some energy legislation prior to the 2020 elections. No, it won’t be the “sweeping measure to tackle climate change that is really needed,” but it’s a bit of something “that does more good […]

March 22nd

Why are New Democrats trash-talking the Green New Deal?

All four co-chairs of the New Democrat Coalition’s Climate Change Task Force say they oppose Green New Deal. Reps. Don Beyer and Elaine Luria of Virginia, Sean Casten of Illinois, and Susan Wild of Pennsylvania told reporters at a roundtable on Thursday that they would vote against the progressive climate plan introduced as a resolution […]

March 18th

GOP heavy-hitters pen op-eds promoting climate change action!

Happy Monday! Two op-eds in prominent papers from vocal conservatives in the climate fight have the EcoRight starting off the week smiling ear to ear. In the Washington Post, the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee chair and ranking member, Alaska’s Sen. Lisa Murkowski and West Virginia’s Sen. Joe Manchin respectively, wrote It’s time to act on climate change—responsibly.  .@Sen_JoeManchin & @lisamurkowski both […]

March 12th