Drain the Swamp

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James Enstrom: How Big Tobacco’s favorite researcher weaseled his work in to the EPA

There are only a handful of credentialed deniers still alive and generating nominally peer-reviewed papers to support their fundamentally anti-regulatory agenda. Over at InsideClimateNews, Marianne Lavelle recently dove into the long, downward slide of the scientific career of James Enstrom, once a respectable up-and-coming physicist before diving into the world of tobacco-funded anti-regulatory pseudoscience. By Climate Denier Roundup His story […]

Trump wants “Transparency” at EPA (While firing Inspector Generals at State, Defense and Intelligence for doing their jobs)

  As first reported by Meridith McGraw and Hahal Toosi at Politico, Donald Trump has purged yet another inspector general, State Department IG Steve Linick. Like those forced out before him, Linick is being dumped for performing his watchdog job, which was causing discomfort in the White House where loyalty is only surpassed by flattery for anyone who […]

May 18th

The environment has had a few successes in the courts (Enjoy them now – they won’t last)

It’s nice to hear that groups protecting vulnerable populations during the coronavirus pandemic could potentially build on legal tactics employed in climate litigation, and (conversely) for those bringing climate lawsuits to learn from coronavirus litigation. By Climate Denier Roundup Last week, Dawn Reeves at InsideEPA reported that ExxonMobil’s lawyers attempted to convince the 10th Circuit Court of […]

Democratic senators tell DC Court that fossil fuel industry has infiltrated EPA and are dictating its policies

The Senators filed a friend-of-the-court brief filed in a lawsuit that challenges the Environmental Protection Agency’s pathetic replacement of the Obama EPA’s Clean Power Plan designed to reduce carbon emissions from coal-fired power plants. Short version: the replacement plan will mean many more deaths and ailments will afflict people than would have been the casse under the Obama plan. […]

May 6th

Drain The Swamp: Interior Secretary David Bernhardt’s former lobbying firm is cashing in on the Coronavirus pandemic

New research released today by Western Values Project reveals that Interior Secretary David Bernhardt’s former lobbying firm Brownstein Hyatt Farber Schreck (BHFS) — the one that lobbies for the Westlands Water District — is “cashing in” on the coronavirus pandemic. BHFS has reported a huge uptick in business from clients seeking Coronavirus bailouts from the Trump […]

May 5th

Bankrupt oil and fracking companies are sucking up billions of coronavirus bailout dollars

This week’s decision by Trump’s Federal Reserve mirrors the Independent Petroleum Association of America’s request to bail out Big Oil. By Dan Bacher Here are all of the details from the Western Values Project: HELENA, MT – Yesterday, Trump’s Federal Reserve opened the floodgates to big oil in a decision that will allow financially unsustainable oil and gas corporations […]

May 2nd

As 60,000 die from Coronavirus, Trump launches secret war on regulations that SAVE LIVES

Earlier this year I wrote about Trump administration environmental deregulations, and our readers responded with their positions on which acts would have the most long-term harm. Who knew that the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) would be at it again, especially during the pandemic crisis? According to Nature, the EPA is pressing forward with controversial efforts to roll back […]

May 1st

Coronavirus fallout: Justice Dept. seeks emergency powers, including detaining people without trial indefinitely

Inevitable that the sycophants of the regime of a wannabe autocrat would seek to turn a crisis into an opportunity to exercise more unrestrained emergency powers over the citizenry. The Department of Justice, ever more a tool of Donald Trump under the supervision of loyalist Attorney General Bill Barr, a great believer in unitary executive theory, […]

March 24th

Socialism for the rich: Why are we still GIVING AWAY mining rights on public land?

Nearly a century and a half ago, as part of Washington’s effort to encourage settlement in the West, President Ulysses S. Grant signed the General Mining Act of 1872. This granted individuals (and corporations) the right to stake exclusive claims to mineral resources like gold, copper, zinc, cinnabar, and “other valuable resources” on public land, which today […]

March 13th

Trump wants to emcee TV program challenging climate science consensus—after the election

Nearly all candidates for the Democratic presidential nomination have made clear that they want to take big steps—a few of them really big steps—to deal with climate change. But while they’re coming up with various ideas for confronting the crisis, Donald Trump apparently wants to be master of ceremonies on a prime-time television program that challenges the scientific […]

February 29th

California’s Westlands Water District signs permanent water contract with Bureau of Reclamation

Thomas Birmingham, General Manager of Westlands Water District, today issued a statement celebrating the Execution of the District’s Repayment Contract that the Bureau of Reclamation and the district signed today. The document converts “temporary” water service contracts to “permanent” repayment contracts, a major goal of Trump’s Secretary of the Interior David Bernhardt, a former Westlands and oil industry lobbyist, and […]

February 29th

Trump’s border wall is the exact opposite of where our priorities should be (It’s the climate change, stupid!)

The Trump administration has undertaken a massive, unprecedented response to the climate crisis. In fact, they clearly see this enormous undertaking as their signature project  – the legacy this administration will leave the nation. I’m not talking about some tree-planting pledge or a sudden change of heart about windmills. Folks, I’m talking about Trump’s border […]

February 24th