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Biden’s choice to head EPA, Michael Regan, brings environmental justice record to agency in crisis

The Joe Biden transition team announced Thursday that the president-elect has picked Michael Regan, the 44-year-old head of the North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality, to lead the Environmental Protection Agency. If confirmed, he would be the first African American man to hold that post. One of his key tasks will be restoring the reputation, morale, and […]

December 20th

Biden Admin: Michael Regan tapped to be EPA Head

President-elect Joe Biden will nominate Michael Regan, the top environmental official in North Carolina, to head the Environmental Protection Agency, according to multiple news reports Thursday. By Andrea Germanos Common Dreams  The news drew a range of responses from environmental campaigners, including praise that the apparent choice means the rejection of California Air Resources Board […]

December 19th

Jennifer Granholm and Gina McCarthy – powerhouse picks for key climate posts

Grassroots environmental groups that have been demanding a Cabinet dedicated to pursuing an ambitious climate agenda applauded President-elect Joe Biden’s reported decision to nominate former Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm to lead the Energy Department and Natural Resources Defense Council head Gina McCarthy to serve as national climate adviser. By Jake Johnson Common Dreams  These selections are a […]

December 16th

Trump EPA’s coal regulations may mean more covid-19 deaths

On Monday, the Environmental Protection Agency declined to put in place stricter regulations on coal. This is despite the evolving evidence that air pollution is correlated with worse Covid-19 outcomes. Ecological studies have shown that even a small increase in exposure to particulate matter of 1 µg/m3 (PM2.5) in the air leads to an 8% increase in Covid-related mortality. […]

December 15th

EcoSabotage: Trump EPA issues last-minute rule to make action on climate and pollution harder for Biden

With President Donald Trump’s first term soon coming to an end, the Environmental Protection Agency on Wednesday finalized a rule that critics are calling a last-minute attempt to “sabotage” future efforts by President-elect Joe Biden’s incoming administration to tackle the intertwined climate and pollution crises. By Jessica Corbett Common Dreams  Capping off nearly four years […]

December 10th

Exposure to man-made chemicals influences genes controlling aging, immune system and metabolism

Today humans are exposed to thousands of man-made chemicals. Yet the effects on people’s health are still not fully understood. By Alexander Suvorov, University of Massachusetts Amherst The Conversation In 2020 the number of registered chemicals reached 167 million. Every day people are exposed to them through food, water, contaminated air, drugs, cosmetics and other […]

October 18th

Indigenous leaders furious after EPA grants Oklahoma control over sovereign tribal lands

In a little-noticed development last week that drew ire after being reported Monday, the Trump administration’s EPA granted the state of Oklahoma wide-ranging environmental regulatory control on nearly all tribal lands in the state, stripping dozens of tribes of their sovereignty over critical environmental issues. By Brett Wilkins Common Dreams Background: One more broken treaty: EPA’s Wheeler […]

October 7th

More brain damage for babies, thanks to Trump EPA’s anti-science science policy –

When last we discussed the tobacco industry’s plan to hamstring the government’s ability to regulate pollution, the Trump administration was defending its attempt to adopt it by invoking an obscure statute from 1874 that doesn’t actually even apply to the EPA. People who actually care about public health have consistently pointed out that the Strengthening Transparency in Regulatory Science rule is actually a tobacco industry plan to censor […]

September 28th

Rev Mitch Hescox: “It’s time for the EPA to live up to its stated mission: To protect human health and the environment.”

Testimony of the Rev. Mitch Hescox of the Evangelical Environmental Network regarding the ozone national ambient air quality standard, presented to the Environmental Protection Agency.  By Rev Mitch Hescox Evangelical Environmental Network Good Afternoon. I am The Rev. Mitchell C. Hescox, President/CEO of the Evangelical Environmental Network (EEN), father, grandfather of seven (7), a resident […]

Trump EPA’s vision for the next four years would create ‘Apocalyptic, devastated planet’

Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Andrew Wheeler is under fire for a Thursday speech laying out a vision for the agency that critics warn would unleash untold environmental devastation should it come to pass. By Andrea Germanos Common Dreams Wheeler, a former coal lobbyist, delivered the remarks at the Nixon Library in southern California to commemorate the 50th anniversary […]

September 8th

‘Another toxic giveaway’: Trump EPA rolls back coal plant wastewater rules

In what critics called yet “another toxic giveaway” to corporate polluters, the Trump administration late Monday afternoon announced final revisions to Obama-era regulations designed protect lakes, rivers, and streams near coal-fired power plants by imposing strict treatment requirements for wastewater containing toxic pollutants. By Jessica Corbett Common Dreams The new Environmental Protection Agency guidelines relax a 2015 […]

September 2nd