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Senate GOP plan will create pollution, not jobs

By Frances Beinecke, President of NRDC, New York City Senate Republicans have opened a new front in the war against public health and environmental safeguards.  They released a so-called jobs plan that calls for removing standards that protect Americans from smog, arsenic, lead, mercury, and other hazardous pollutants. What the proposal shows is that Republican leaders […]

October 24th

Wall Street bought the political process on the cheap

Politico has a story up about how unhappy big-money donors on Wall Street are with President Obama. He’s taking the side of the smelly Occupy Wall Streeters and saying mean things about his nice, responsible banker friends! They may just close their checkbooks and stay home, or worse, give all their money to Mitt.

But as I read the article, it struck me that Politico had totally missed the real story here – that these whiney Wallstreeters had purchased themselves a government for a spectacularly tiny sum.

October 19th

Right-wing noise machine goes nuclear on Harry Reid

The US Senate is completely dysfunctional. Republicans are taking gross advantage of the old rules – which worked once upon a time when the Senate was a gentlemanly body – to completely block anything from getting done and instead score cheap political points.
But when Harry Reid used those same Senate rules tonight to block the GOP from pulling off its latest cheap stunt, they went into a screaming frenzy.

October 6th

GOP’s Solyndra witch-hunt screws other solar programs

Why is the GOP trying to turn the bankruptcy of solar power company Solyndra into a big huge scandal? Sure, they want to embarrass the Obama administration, but more than that – it’s actually having real-world consequences for other solar projects.
The latest casualty: A project that would have installed solar roofs on military housing.

September 27th

Government shutdown Part 2: Senate takes up Boehner’s green-jobs-killing bill

Last week House Speaker John Boehner insisted he was willing to shut down the government unless we kill a loan program that helps Detroit automakers retool factories to make hybrid cars. (Note: that’s a loan program, not a give-away program.)
Senate leader Harry Reid may have found a little bit o’ backbone, though. He’s started the bizarre parliamentary dance required to lob the ball back at the House… WITHOUT the odious job-killing green-car cut. But will it work?

September 26th

Action: Oppose the TRAIN Act, the Worst Air Pollution Bill Ever to Reach the House Floor

The TRAIN Act (H.R. 2401)—the most deadly bill on House Majority Leader Eric Cantor’s Pollution Plan—is expected to be brought up for a House floor vote today.
As initially introduced, the TRAIN Act was a biased and irresponsible “study” bill—creating a committee of cabinet members to review just the costs of a multitude of Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) health standards, while ignoring the greater health and monetary benefits to Americans. While this version of the bill would have been harmful to human health, the bill is now an entirely different, and much more deadly beast that would result in many more deaths and health hazards…

September 23rd

Fail: House GOP’s disastrous budget bill is voted down

Q: What’s the best way to compound a disaster? A: Play politics with it.
As they continue to ramp up their anti-spending, anti-environment, and anti-jobs rhetoric, the House Republican leadership decided to stick a poison pill into the continuing resolution that will keep the government from shutting down on September 30.

September 21st

House GOP plans new witch hunt over solar bankruptcy

Ed: It’s good for consumers when solar cell prices go down, but it makes it harder for solar manufacturers to turn a profit. With solar prices dropping 30% in the current recession, solar company Solyndra, a recipient of a large chunk of stimulus cash, nevertheless went bankrupt last week… and now House Republicans want to […]

September 9th

How green was Obama’s jobs speech?

Well, he talked the talk. But when it comes to the environment, will President Obama be able to walk the walk? His jobs plan won’t do as much for the environment as earlier programs like tax credits for home solar and wind power installations.

September 8th