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Little House on the Prairie is Libertarian propaganda, and other fun facts about free market fundies

In 2010, the publication of “Merchants of Doubt” exposed how a small group of industry-backed scientists spread disinformation to undermine climate science. Now, the co-authors Naomi Oreskes and Erik Conway are back with a new book exploring “The Big Myth” of free-market neoliberalism, and why those merchants were able to find the success they did. The key question? “How […]

February 22nd

To avoid the worst of climate change, we need deep social change

Scientists at the University of Hamburg in Germany argued Wednesday that meeting the 2015 Paris climate agreement’s goal of limiting planetary heating to 1.5°C is “currently not plausible”—but warned that despairing over climate “tipping points” risks taking attention away from “the best hope for shaping a positive climate future… the ability of society to make […]

February 5th

What’s really driving ‘climate gentrification’ in Miami? It isn’t fear of sea-level rise

Miami’s Little Haiti has been an immigrant community for decades. Its streets are lined with small homes and colorful shops that cater to the neighborhood, a predominantly Afro-Caribbean population with a median household income well below Miami’s. But Little Haiti’s character may be changing. Richard Grant, University of Miami and Han Li, University of Miami […]

December 8th

Most Americans have faith in scientists (but more Republicans reject them)

Most Americans – 81% – think government investments in scientific research are “worthwhile investments for society over time,” according to the Pew Research Center’s latest survey on public perceptions of science. A similar proportion said they have at least “a fair amount” of confidence that scientists act in the public’s best interests: 77% for all […]

October 26th