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Barack Obama’s extraordinary eulogy for John McCain

Here is the text of Barack Obama’s eulogy for Sen. McCain as delivered at the National Cathedral in Washington Saturday. By Meteor Blades To John’s beloved family, Mrs. McCain, to Cindy and the McCain children, President and Mrs. Bush, President and Secretary Clinton, Vice President and Mrs. Biden, Vice President and Mrs. Cheney, Vice President Gore, and, as John […]

September 3rd

John McCain, Climate Warrior

Over the weekend, as I read the obits and related news articles from major outlets one thing stood out for its absence — any mention of Sen. McCain’s efforts on climate change. This glaring omission perfectly captured who John McCain was: a true leader who sought out major challenges others ignored or found too daunting. […]

The EcoRight offers tribute to Sen. John McCain

I emotionally hopped on the Straight Talk Express in 1999, one of just a few of my GOP friends to do so. While the word “maverick” has tempered over the years as we’ve come to expect the unexpected from Sen. John McCain, at the time I was drawn to the freshness of his establishment-rousing talk and approach. By […]

August 31st

What President Obama SHOULD Say About Solar In The SOTU

By Frank Andorka, RGB Contributor All eyes will be on the House of Representatives tonight … oh, who am I kidding? Viewership for the State of the Union have been falling for years, and I’m fairly certain this year won’t be any different. I’m thinking it’s because the state of the union is always strong and […]

January 20th

David Brin talks to Geekwire about the world of tomorrow

By David Brin Journalist-author and entrepreneur Frank Catalano took advantage of my book tour for Existence, in order to pin me down with questions about everything from sci fi to human destiny, in this interview that first appeared on Geekwire. Frank Catalano (FC): What is right with Science Fiction Today? David Brin (DB):  Science Fiction has so flooded into […]

July 24th

OWS: The building that shouted love at the heart of the city

As 30,000 marchers crossed the Brooklyn Bridge, Occupy Wall Street once again demonstrated that it was a movement that could shine a spotlight on the parts of America that need to change – and the parts of America that make it so amazing, so inspiring. Using a high-powered projector, they cast a spell on the […]

November 18th