New Urbanism

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Living with Coronavirus: Parks matter more than ever during a time of sickness – something Frederick Law Olmsted understood in the 19th century

The Coronavirus pandemic has altered humans’ relationship with natural landscapes in ways that may be long-lasting. One of its most direct effects on people’s daily lives is reduced access to public parks. Looking south from New York City’s Central Park. Ajay Suresh/Wikipedia, CC BY By Richard leBrasseur, Dalhousie University The Conversation The COVID-19 pandemic has […]

Coronavirus + climate change means cities need to change for people to live and thrive. But how?

In the 21st century, a seemingly global prosperity masks an unequal distribution of benefits. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the world’s cities, where extreme wealth can exist next door to concentrated poverty. In some cities, like those in South Africa, well-meaning policies and investments in transit and housing have actually deepened the inequality and segregation […]

Global mayors say after the Coronavirus, there’s no return to business as usual – put climate action at center of recovery

Mayors of megacities that are members of C40, a network pledged to addressing climate change, are saying that going back to the old normal in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic is not a suitable approach to recovery. The organization represents more than 750 million people and approved a “statement of principles” committing them to ensuring that their recovery plans are driven by […]

May 9th

What do we know about climate change mitigation in cities?

The emission reduction goals of the Paris Agreement demand rapid action at all scales and levels of governance – from individual to international – and cities are no exception. Many urban governments recognise this and are embarking on projects to improve public transport services, mandate efficient buildings, or produce energy from local renewable sources. By Dr William F Lamb […]

April 2nd

What’s a smart city? It’s a lot more than IoT (think: transit, streets, people)

Smart cities continue to receive global attention. Alphabet (nee Google) is engaged in Toronto through its Sidewalk Labs company in creating a smart neighborhood on the formerly industrial waterfront. Microsoft is engaged through its CityNext initiative in bringing AI and IoT to urban issues. MIT continues to pay attention to the area, as do numerous Internet of Things (IoT) […]

March 18th

Clean energy is also about environmental justice and urban action

“It’s an interesting time to be alive,” Rahwa Ghirmatzion, PUSH Buffalo‘s executive director, began during a recent interview with us at CleanTechnica. Mobilizing residents into vibrant neighborhoods with safe, reasonably-priced housing and local hiring opportunities, the organization has many successes, and its ongoing collaboration with the Solutions Project to power the world by the wind, water, and sun piqued our interest. […]

February 25th

Five cities show what urban transformation looks like

Urbanization is changing the face of the planet—for better and for worse. City populations, GDP and investment are increasing exponentially. At the same time, carbon emissions are rising, more and more people are living in slums, and air pollution is a growing threat. Experts point to the need for urban transformation, yet few people have a concrete sense of how […]

December 31st