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ANWR Drilling Promoted…Can You Make a Difference?

Alaska Public Radio Network reports, at a recent press conference President Bush pushed for ANWR drilling as he “scolded” congress for preventing it thus far. Citing estimates from the Department of Energy, the President stated the possibility of ANWR producing 1 million barrels of oil per day translates to 27 million gallons of gas and […]

May 9th

Consumer-First Energy Act of 2008 Lacks Support

Six Democratic Senators joined together on Wednesday to announce a comprehensive energy bill that would tax windfall profits and “force” investment in renewable energy. Among other things, the Consumer-First Energy Act of 2008 would roll back tax breaks for oil companies and invest the money in renewable energy development and energy efficiency technology. It also […]

Peripheral Canal Bill a No Go – Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta Canal Shot Down by California State Assembly

A California State Assembly committee last week declined to entertain a controversial bill set to build a canal around the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta and shelved it until next year. Senator Joe Simitian, D-Palo Alto, has worked on gaining approval from various parties for Senate Bill 27 for two years. Ultimately, farmers, environmentalists and Delta locals […]

White House Signals Farm Bill Veto – Will Congress Bend?

Word has it that the farm bill congressional conferees hammered out at the end of last week would most likely be vetoed by President Bush. The ink has not dried on the agreement, and that is why Congress had to pass an extension of the existing farm bill last week. The extension gives lawmakers until […]

April 29th

Breaking: Conservation Act Passes House

Bill picks up strong bipartisan support [UPDATE: The Senate version of the Conservation Act passed overwhelmingly today, by a vote of 91-4]. The House of Representatives has voted to pass H.R. 2016, the National Landscape Conservation Act, by a tally of 278-140. The bill will give legal recognition to the National Landscape Conservation System, a […]

April 9th

Bipartisan Environmental Policy…Really.

[Update: H.R. 1016 has passed the House by a vote of 278-140. There is a similar version awaiting action in the Senate] The House is scheduled today to vote on H.R. 2016, the National Landscape Conservation Act. And a broad bipartisan coalition ranging from such groups as the Wilderness Society to Republicans for Environmental Protection, […]

April 9th

Clean Energy Tax Credits Will Not Be Extended Without Funding

Federal renewable energy tax credits, Congress’ favorite subject to debate but do little about, has once again been brought to the Senate floor. But because the amendment still has no funding mechanism suitable for pay-go rules, I would argue it stands little [social_buttons] chance of passage. Pay-go compels new spending and tax law changes to […]

April 8th

Federal Judge Blocks Uranium Mining Near Grand Canyon

A federal judge has blocked a mining company from exploring for any further uranium near the grand Canyon. Several groups had sued the U.S. Forest Service for backing the plan without full environmental reviews. U.S. District Court Judge Mary Murguia of the U.S. [social_buttons]District Court in Arizona issued a temporary restraining order and preliminary injunction […]

April 7th

Feds Waive Environmental Rules for New Border Fence

Ecosystem will be severely fragmented by fence The Bush administration has announced it will wave more than thirty federal laws to finish building a wall along the Mexican border by the end of this year. The Washington Post calls the move the most sweeping use of the administration’s waiver authority during the wall’s construction. The […]

April 3rd

The Big Oil Company Scam

We are all feeling the prices at the pump and the ramifications of increased oil prices throughout our economy, so why are the big oil companies still making record profits? Not only are these big oil companies reaping in record amounts of money while consumers suffer, they are also still receiving federal subsidies. What’s up […]

April 2nd

America: Driving to Energy Independence?

America drives! With an average of 2.28 vehicles per U.S. household, and the average American commuting 33 miles per day to work, we are definitely a country that drives. The majority of U.S. cars on the road are fueled by oil. A large percentage of U.S. Oil is currently purchased from foreign countries. It is […]

March 14th

James Howard Kunstler: Christmas in Flyover Land

Last year, a local guy started renovating a restaurant on Main Street that has been shuttered for at least fifteen years. He’d retired from the army and started a company that made a fortune clearing landmines in faraway lands where US nation-building plans went awry. Wasn’t that a ripe business opportunity! He’s from here and […]

December 24th