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Elon Musk promised LA 1,000 ventilators. He delivered 1,255.

Elon Musk has made good on his promise to help get more medical ventilators to hospitals in California to treat patients with severe COVID-19 symptoms. In its advanced stages, the COVID-19 can make it difficult for people with the disease to breathe. The ventilators help by forcing air into their lungs when they can’t do […]

March 25th

Coronavirus crisis: The battle against disinformation is global

Disinformation-spewing online bots and trolls from halfway around the world are continuing to shape local and national debates by spreading lies online on a massive scale. In 2019, Russia used Facebook to intervene in the internal politics of eight African nations. Russia has a long history of using disinformation campaigns to undermine opponents – even […]

March 22nd

We have NO IDEA how bad the economic fallout from the coronavirus pandemic will be

Josh Bivens at the liberal-leaning Economic Policy Institute writes that, even with a moderate fiscal stimulus, the coronavirus pandemic could cost 3 million jobs by summer. That’s based on Goldman Sachs’ prediction of a 1.25% economic contraction for the first half of 2020. Meanwhile, Bloomberg reported Tuesday afternoon that Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin has warned Republican senators the economic impacts could […]

March 19th

Autonomous vehicles cant come fast enough

Autonomous vehicles have many pros and cons. Those on either side of the issue have very intense beliefs as to why autonomous vehicles are human saviors or why they are the ultimate evil and should be feared. I am here to remind you that all influential technologies are tools that can be used for good. […]

March 7th

On Valentines Day, consider the lives of the people who grow your chocolate

It was predictable that one day Adisa Azapagic, who studies the carbon footprint of various foods, would get around to chocolate. Little was known about the environmental impact of producing that guilt-and swoon-inducing pleasure, and for many, ignorance was bliss. “My husband wasn’t amused when I suggested he consider switching to dark chocolate,” which has a […]

February 14th

London launches world’s first 24-hour ultra-low emission traffic zone

On Monday, London Mayor Sadiq Khan unveiled the world’s first 24-hour ultra-low emission zone boasting the world’s toughest vehicle emissions standards in an effort to help reduce toxic air pollution and protect public health. By Joshua S Hill Cleantechnica (ULEZ) has been in the cards for a while now, ever since Mayor Sadiq Khan announced his […]

April 11th

What do we know about climate change mitigation in cities?

The emission reduction goals of the Paris Agreement demand rapid action at all scales and levels of governance – from individual to international – and cities are no exception. Many urban governments recognise this and are embarking on projects to improve public transport services, mandate efficient buildings, or produce energy from local renewable sources. By Dr William F Lamb […]

April 2nd