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Schwarzenegger museum should honor his true environmental legacy

“Arnie’s World,” a museum focusing on Arnold Schwarzenegger’s life in bodybuilding, acting and politics, has opened at the house in the small Austrian town of Thal where he was born. A “soft” opening took place on July 30 to mark the ex-California Governor’s 64th birthday before a grand opening ceremony takes place later this year, […]

August 2nd

For World Ocean Day, Share Your Ideas with the National Ocean Council at a Listening Session Near You

Experts from the National Ocean Council’s 27 Federal agencies and offices have been busy drafting strategic action plans to achieve nine national priority objectives that address some of the most pressing challenges facing our ocean, coasts, and Great Lakes. Having already received your initial comments before we got started, we’d now like to hear from you again—this time with your thoughts on the strategic action plan outlines we’ve developed. That’s why we’re hosting a dozen Regional Listening Sessions at this still-early stage of the drafting process.

Farm Subsidies Don’t Make Us Fat

Last week Dr. Robert Paarlberg published an article in GOOD titled “The Inconvenient Truth About Cheap Food and Obesity: It’s Not Farm Subsidies.”  In the article he debunks the assertion by Michael Pollan in Omnivore’s Dilemma that farm subsidies make unhealthy foods artificially cheap.  He points out that (for different reasons) libertarian-leaning groups like the […]

April 11th

What Obama Should Have Said in the SOTU: Businesses Wants Action on Clean Energy and Climate Change

Business is clear: Their priority isn’t deficit reduction and budget cuts. Their priority is action, now, on clean energy and climate change. Nobody (well, nobody sane) would argue that Bloomberg is a bunch of socialists. They’re the premier business wire in the nation. And their study of energy executives was clear:”…Given the projected growth in energy […]

January 27th

Secretary Chu: Clean Energy Future Looks Bright

By Steven Chu The current head of the Department of Energy in the Obama Administration, Dr. Steven Chu is a winner of the Nobel Prize for Physics. He was formerly a Stanford University professor and the head of the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. Sometimes when one gets so focused on the daily tasks at hand, […]

January 20th

Conservatives Call for More Spending – On Science

As the new GOP/Tea Party majority takes control of the House of Representatives, it’s refreshing that some conservatives are reminding them that there’s more to life than cutting spending. Columnist George Will, one of the pre-eminent conservative voices of the past 30 years, uses his column in the Washington Post to remind Boehner & Company […]

January 5th

Food Safety Modernization Act, the Bill that Wouldn’t Die, is Dead

UPDATE: We spoke too soon! In one of the most uncharacteristic moves of this entire Congressional session, Republican opposition melted away on Sunday, the bill was dropped back onto the Senate calendar and minutes later passed by unanimous vote. See our coverage, “Zombie Food Safety Act Resurrected by Senate“ This time it looks like it’s […]

December 17th

Senator Jon Tester of Montana Insults US Farmers

Senator Tester (D, Montana) has been pushing an amendment to the FDA Food Safety Modernization Act of 2010 exempting small farms from the bill’s provisions.  The wisdom of this legislation and the amendment are subjects of legitimate debate, but the Senator reveals his actual agenda in this quote: “Small producers are not raising a commodity, […]

November 23rd

Speak Out Now – EPA to Regulate Toxic Coal Ash

(From our sister blog, Planetsave.com) Coal power plants are by far the biggest sources of greenhouse gas emissions in this country. Their pollution is making our planet a more dangerous place to live. But these coal plants also create a by-product waste called “coal ash.”  Coal ash contains toxic chemicals like arsenic, mercury and lead […]

November 18th

Right And Left Agree: OK To Risk Starvation Of The Poor

The anti-climate-science politicians from the Right and the anti-technology activists from the Left are independently, but quite successfully, increasing the risk of malnutrition and/or starvation for the poorest people of the world.  This may not be their intended agenda, but it is the likely outcome from what they are doing. Another food price spike looming […]

November 15th

Shopping for a Greener Planet – The Story of Electronics

Annie Leonard’s “Story of Stuff Project” has a new video out. As always, it’s cute, it’s informative, and it’s timely. “The Story of Electronics” is both geared toward getting folks thinking about better buying decisions as we approach the holiday shopping season… and getting them to think beyond that, toward better laws and more responsible […]

November 11th

A Good Week for Wind (part 3): Google Shows its Backbone

While companies in Massachusetts and Michigan gear up for wind production, Google and their partners are looking to the future. The Cape Wind and Lake Muskegon projects are located right on transmission cables, so they can simply plug in and start generating power. But T Boone Pickens’ “Pickens Plan“, his dream of a Texas-sized windfarm […]

October 13th

Drill, Baby, Drill… Deepwater Moratorium Lifted

Well, they’ve done it, and ahead of schedule. Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar has determined it is appropriate that deepwater oil and gas drilling resume, provided that operators certify compliance with all existing rules and requirements, including those that recently went into effect, and demonstrate the availability of adequate blowout containment resources… “In light […]

October 12th

A Good Week for Wind (part 1): Cape Wind

Wind power is on the rise. Ten years in the making, the lease was signed on October 6 forCape Wind,  the first wind farm on the US Continental shelf. That’s waay offshore – about 5.2 miles from the mainland shoreline, 13.8 miles from Nantucket Island and 9 miles from Martha’s Vineyard – so it shouldn’t screw up […]

October 11th