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Climate scientist Dr. Katharine Hayhoe talks her new book, “Saving Us” with CCL

In “Saving Us,” Dr. Katharine Hayhoe argues that when it comes to changing peoples’ minds on climate change, facts are only half the battle: we have to find common ground in order to connect a host of diverse and unique identities to collective action. “Saving Us” provides a look at science, faith, and psychology, and […]

November 16th

Indigenous People’s Day: Top 13 recommended books by and about American Indians

Over the years, one question I have been asked repeatedly is for a recommendation of a book that comprehensively tells the story of American Indians. In fact, there’s no book that does that because, just like other people who live in the USA, Indians aren’t monolithic. Hundreds of federally recognized tribes, hundreds more that are unrecognized, 29 language groups and […]

October 11th

Minimum Viable Planet: Take it away, please! (Why Getting to Less Can Mean Thinking More)

The shorthand in our house for when you’ve botched something and should move on (sunk cost alert!) but instead keep trying to salvage it is stuffing soup. So named because I once made a terrible soup and proceeded to empty the contents of our pantry (including stuffing mix! why?) into it, in the hopes of saving […]

May 9th

Thing-makers, tool freaks and prototypers: How the Whole Earth Catalog’s optimistic message reinvented the environmental movement in 1968

In the fall of 1968 a Stanford-trained biologist, organizer of the legendary Trips Festival and Merry Prankster named Stewart Brand published the first Whole Earth Catalog. Between 1968 and 1972, the Catalog reached millions of readers and won the National Book Award. Andy Kirk, University of Nevada, Las Vegas The Conversation The title and iconic […]

April 20th

Book Review – Taxes, Death, and Trouble: How Starve the Beast Tax Cuts Created the Black Lives Matter Movement

The original Starve the Beast policy is widely known: tax cuts for the rich to bust the Federal budget and force cuts to social programs for Blacks. But tax cuts have been taken much further, and have resulted in Policing for Profit and other vast abuses meant to make Blacks and others of the oppressed […]

January 5th

Book review: Tom Philpott looks at the food crisis in “Perilous Bounty”

Tom Philpott has been writing about food and farming for Grist, Mother Jones, etc. Now he has a book out that examines the impending crises in US agriculture caused by short-sightedness, a relentless profit motive, and the power of corporations over US farm policy. By Mary Wildfire Resilience Philpott visits farmers who talk about their problems, […]

January 4th

Book Review: Gary Trudeau’s “Lewser!: More Doonesbury in the Time of Trump”

Ourbook for today is Garry Trudeau’s Lewser!: More Doonesbury in the Time of Trump out this last July. Trudeau, of course, has been documenting both the tragical and the farcical in more than 30 years of The Donald. I hold out hope that there will be at least one more volume in what is currently a […]

November 22nd

Book Review: The Cult of Trump

I can’t say this too strongly. Trump has turned his party into a personal Death Cult. His acolytes not only threaten violence against the rest of us, but risk death as a political statement. There is a cure, but there aren’t enough of us to apply it to all of them, even if we all […]

October 14th

In case you prefer reading your climate denial bloggers offline, they have 2 new books out

Now that autumn is upon us, we’re coming up on peak season for curling up in front of a nice fire with a hot cup of something and a good book. And now, there are two new climate denial books that look to fit perfectly in that cozy picture. As kindling for the fire, obviously. […]

October 14th

Citizens’ Climate Radio Ep. 51: Art & identity in a time of climate change

Citizens’ Climate Radio is a monthly podcast hosted by CCL volunteer Peterson Toscano. Browse all our past episode recaps here, or listen to past episodes here, and check out the latest episode in the post below. By Citizens Climate Lobby Those of you who regularly listen to the Citizens’ Climate Radio podcast know the power of art […]

War on Science: The rise (and fall?) of anti-science Religion

Does everyone know that that lying, hypocritical [BLEEEEEP] Jerry Falwell, Jr. is out of Liberty University on his, let’s say, ear, for years of three-ways with the pool boy? What a fitting metaphor for all of the corrupt Christianists who have been polluting our public discourse since the Curse of Ham was brought forth as the theological justification […]

August 31st

Book Review: The Pandemic May Be the Least of It

Since March or so, a running joke — or perhaps wry observation is the better term — has been that each month seems to last about a decade. In early spring, the Covid-19 pandemic came to utterly dominate the news cycle, only to be pushed aside by unrest in America’s cities as throngs took to […]

August 8th

Book Review: Eric Holthaus, The Future Earth: A Radical Vision for What’s Possible in the Age of Warming

With the dire predictions of humanity’s prospects in the face of a changing climate, it’s no wonder most coverage of the climate crisis is depressing. But it doesn’t have to be. There’s still a small, but closing, window of possibility in which society can come together to create radical change that begets a better future. […]

August 2nd

Science fiction explores the interconnectedness revealed by the coronavirus pandemic

In the early days of the coronavirus outbreak, a theory widely shared on social media suggested that a science fiction text, Dean Koontz’s 1981 science fiction novel, The Eyes of Darkness, had predicted the coronavirus pandemic with uncanny precision. COVID-19 has held the entire world hostage, producing a resemblance to the post-apocalyptic world depicted in […]

July 25th

Langston Hughs – Let America Be America Again

Langston Hughes was a great man and a great poet. In particular he is the perfect antidote for MAGAism. “Let America Be America Again (America never was America to me.)” We should have trumpeted today’s poem from the moment Trump came down the escalator. We should be declaiming it in chorus every day. For myself, I […]

July 12th