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DIVEST! Protests want Chase Bank OUT of tar sands financing

By Meteor Blades On Monday, 26 activists were arrested in Seattle when they occupied 13 branches of JPMorgan Chase bank. Their complaint? They want Chase to stop lending money to TransCanada, the builder of the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline. Although President Barack Obama nixed the northern leg of the pipeline before he left office, […]

May 11th

David Brin: From Job Creators to Let Them Eat Cake

By David Brin Amid the furor over Mitt Romney’s inelegant remarks about the 47% of Americans who are freeloaders – who pay no net federal income tax (FIT) – many rebuttals have shown that he slagged mostly retirees, lower middle class workers (who still pay payroll and other taxes), and even our fighting men and […]

October 2nd

Saturday morning cartoon – Free beer: The truth about dishonesty

Tis the season of election, which means the airwaves are saturated with borderline fibbing and blatent dishonesty. After igniting a firestorm of criticism this week for attacking President Obama for “apologizing to America’s enemies” – something everyone on the planet (except for Rence Priebus) has pointed out just plain never ever happened – Romney went […]

September 15th

What can the US afford after the Great Recession? Annie Leonard has some answers in The Story of Broke.

Are we broke? Can we really not afford a clean environment, green jobs, and clean energy?
The truth is, we can’t afford NOT to do those things.
The folks who brought us The Story of Stuff, a cute animated film that asked whether we’re spending too much on random crap rather than leading meaningful lives, now revisits the concept, post-Great Recession: How do we make meaningful lives now that we can’t spend too much on random crap anymore?

November 4th

Calvin and Hobbes explain Occupy Wall Street

Why do people not get Occupy Wall Street? Does anyone really believe that the banks are perfectly blameless, and the only problem with our economy is a bunch of slobs who are too lazy to work?
Even twenty years go, the problems inherent in American business could be easily reduced to a twelve-panel comic strip… and as usual, Calvin and Hobbes nails it perfectly.

October 13th

Sarah Palin Cartoon Archive (cartoons)

Sarah Palin has a book. I’m sure that makes her qualified to run our country. But, in case you need to be reminded how clueless the former VP candidate is, please view this short Sarah Palin cartoon archive.

November 30th

Our Energy Future: Titanic #2 (Cartoon)

With ‘clean coal’ and nuclear power likely to play a larger-than-expected role in climate change legislation, are we heading for an iceberg? Literally, no–they’re all melting. Figuratively, maybe…

October 21st