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Mean Joe Green #3: ‘Clean’ Coal!?

Both of our “green” democratic candidates were recently heard stumping for “clean” coal technologies! I have two big problems with this: 1. There is no such thing as “clean” coal (see #2), And, 2. We are decades away from clean “coal” technology being widely deployed anyway. In the same amount of time we could deploy […]

March 29th

Mean Joe Green#2: Things Can ALWAYS Get Worse!

This cartoon was inspired by Bush’s recent intervention to weaken limits of smog-forming ozone in our air. John Walke, the Clean Air director for the National Resources Defense Council, called the intervention an “unprecedented and unlawful act of political interference”. With all due respect Mr. Walke, after the past 7 years unprecedented and unlawful moves […]

March 22nd

Mean Joe Green #1: “Putting the P in GOP”

Editor’s note: Political cartoons are a staple of editorial pages and other websites focused on politics, and we’re delighted to bring you the first of our own series of cartoons from our own “Mean Joe Green” Mohr. Of course, we greenies would love a presidential candidate that took a strong-handed, common sense approach to addressing […]

March 15th