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Citizens’ Climate Radio: Hospitality in a time of climate change

We live in a world with stronger and more frequent extreme weather events. As a result, giving and receiving hospitality is becoming the new normal for humans. By Citizens’ Climate Lobby Citizens’ Climate Radio host Peterson Toscano speaks with public theologian Jayme R. Reaves and public health expert Dr. Natasha DeJarnett (pictured above). What are […]

November 30th

6 helpful hints for talking to family about climate change this Thanksgiving (Podcast)

Before convening for Thanksgiving dinner or over Zoom, we encourage our community to listen to the latest episode of the “How to Save a Planet” podcast. By Chelsea Henderson EcoRight News/ RepublicEN Their episode this week is titled Trying to Talk to Family about Climate Change? Here’s How and it features our Executive Director Bob Inglis and his son Rob, who […]

November 23rd

EcoRight Speaks podcast: LCRI’s Nick Johnson and Jim Wallis

The efforts to reduce greenhouse gases made by rural communities are an important part of the story, thus we are eternally grateful that past webinar guests Nick Johnson and Jim Wallis from the Lake County Resources Initiative and stars of the documentary the Other Side of the Hill (which you should check out – watch the trailer below the podcast) are this week’s […]

November 18th

EcoRight Speaks podcast: Advanced energy economy guru Cortney Piper

I’m so stoked for this week’s guest. Cortney Piper is a communications expert, a passionate advocate for innovation, a former candidate for local office, former political contributor, and was once a competitive swimmer. Chelsea Henderson EcoRight News/ RepublicEN She also has four-year old triplets… There is so much that she has already achieved in life […]

November 2nd

EcoRight Speaks podcast – OG EcoRighter Alex Bozmoski

We are happy to welcome back to the show our dear friend Alex Bozmoski. In honor of his appearance, I thought it would be interesting to share our origin story. Chelsea Henderson EcoRight News/ RepublicEN  Back in 2014, our mutual friend Andrew Holland, who ICYMI has been a guest twice on the show, told us we needed […]

October 26th

EcoRight Speaks podcast: Nuclear energy expert Steve Nesbit

Today’s guest came via the Ask Bob Anything feature we have been promoting. One of our listeners asked for an episode about nuclear energy and another listener recommended today’s guest. By Chelsea Henderson EcoRight News/ RepublicEN Steven Nesbit, President of the American Nuclear Society, had a long and distinguished career with Duke Energy Corporation where he performed safety […]

October 22nd

Ecoright Speaks podcast: High Schoolers for Carbon Dividends

This week’s featured guests are two of the co-founders of High Schoolers for Carbon Dividends (HS4CD). You may have heard of Students for Carbon Dividends; they are close friends of ours and we have featured their co-founders on our show. HS4CD is their high school-focused counterpart. Chelsea Henderson EcoRight News/ RepublicEN A student-led campaign created to amplify youth […]

October 19th

Ecoright news for the week of October 15

Hello, happy Ides of October. (Is that a thing? I didn’t look it up.) Anyway, here we are in the middle of the month already, with Thanksgiving and Christmas within sight. By next week, I will be ready to start contemplating desserts for Turkey Day. (This time of year is my Super Bowl.) Chelsea Henderson […]

October 12th

West Coast Water Justice Podcast launched on Indigenous People’s Day

Yesterday, Save California Salmon released its first episode of the Western Water Justice podcast, “Envisioning Justice on the Klamath River with Dr. Cutcha Risling-Baldy”. The first episode of the podcast was released today in honor of indigenous People’s Day, according to Save California Salmon. By Dan Bacher “The Western Water Justice podcast aims to highlight […]

October 12th

EcoRight Speaks podcast: former NJ Gov. Christie Todd Whitman

I am so thrilled to bring you our first governor to appear on the show, former New Jersey Governor and Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency, Christine Todd Whitman. Chelsea Henderson EcoRight News/ RepublicEN Whitman served as governor of the state of New Jersey from 1994 to 2001, at which point she was confirmed to take the helm at the EPA […]

October 6th

EcoRight Speaks podcast: Rob Sisson of the International Joint commission of transboundary watersheds

I have been eager to bring this week’s guest to the show to talk about how hunters and anglers feel about climate change. In the end, we talked about so much more. Welcome to the show this week our old friend Rob Sisson. By Chelsea Henderson EcoRight News/ RepublicEN He’s a Michigander. He’s a Montanan. He’s […]

September 28th

EcoRight Speaks podcast: Protecting the Earth with Eco-Christan Larry Linenschmidt

Today, I’m pleased to welcome to the show a good friend of the podcast and stellar member of the EcoRight, Larry Linenschmidt, who runs the Hill Country Institute, a resource for Christians considering the intersection of faith and culture in the world today. By Chelsea Henderson EcoRight News/ RepublicEN Joining us in the conversation is our own Bob […]

September 23rd

EcoRight Speaks podcast: Mark Fleming, Conservative Clean Energy Network

Welcome back, readers and listeners. This week’s guest is Mark Fleming, the President & CEO of Conservatives for Clean Energy, a Raleigh, NC-based organization that works to educate opinion leaders on the benefits of clean energy initiatives. By Chelsea Henderson EcoRight News/ RepublicEN Mark brings a host of experiences to his current position, working with policy […]

September 14th

Ecoright Speaks podcast: Houghton College’s environment and sustainability guru, Brian Webb

We find our guests in a variety of ways. Some through our own personal connections. Some of our guests are public figures we admire. This week’s guest was someone our executive director Bob Inglis felt passionate about having on the show. And boy was he right. Chelsea Henderson EcoRight News/ RepublicEN Brian Webb is an instructor of Environmental […]

August 25th

Ecoright Speaks podcast: Charles Hernick of Citizens for Responsible Energy Solutions

Happy Tuesday! I’m thrilled to share with you my conversation with Charles Hernick, Vice President of Policy and Advocacy for Citizens for Responsible Energy Solutions. Charles is a fan of the podcast, a friend of the podcast, and a great strategist when it comes to clean energy and climate change policy. By Chelsea Henderson EcoRight News/ RepublicEN […]

August 19th