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Dr Michael Mann talks with Amy Goodman about this week’s climate-fueled storms in Puerto Rico, Alaska and Japan

My interview on Democracy Now with Amy Goodman – always a pleasure! By Dr Michael Mann Climate scientist @MichaelEMann describes how worsening storms like this weekend's typhoon in Japan are directly influenced by rising global temperatures. — Democracy Now! (@democracynow) September 19, 2022 One point I meant to make in the interview (but didn’t […]

September 20th

Honestly? Our actual government is a barking mad Supreme Court that gives zero fucks about democracy

A mere month after the medieval anti-abortion ruling by a cabal of right-wing “fanatics and vandals” we still call SCOTUS, its effects are already cataclysmic. At least seven states have passed near-total bans and many more are working on them, some with monstrous features like Indiana’s call for abortion-providers to serve up to six years in prison; experts predict a devastating impact on women’s […]

July 31st

New Film Celebrates Klamath Tribal Communities, Salmon and Dam Removal

Press Release from the Karuk Tribe, Yurok Tribe • Hoopa Valley Tribe • Swiftwater Films: Bring the Salmon Home Tells Story 20 years in the making By Dan Bacher Klamath River Basin (Calif. and Ore.)  – Bring the Salmon Home is a new short documentary by Swiftwater Films. The film chronicles Klamath River tribal communities’ 320-mile relay run from the redwood-shrouded […]

April 10th

EcoRight Speaks podcast: LCRI’s Nick Johnson and Jim Wallis

The efforts to reduce greenhouse gases made by rural communities are an important part of the story, thus we are eternally grateful that past webinar guests Nick Johnson and Jim Wallis from the Lake County Resources Initiative and stars of the documentary the Other Side of the Hill (which you should check out – watch the trailer below the podcast) are this week’s […]

November 18th

Webinar: Defend Life – How is Climate Change Hurting our Children?

The Evangelical Environmental Network has created a webinar series entitled “Climate Solutions.” This webinar focuses on children’s health and pregnancy health from two leading doctors who are experts on pollution, climate change and their effects on the two most vulnerable populations, children and pregnant women. Join us for this fundamental series and the call for […]

Short film from Extinction Rebellion and Keira Knightley: “Climate Crisis and Why We Should Panic Now”

Editor’s note: Today, actor Keira Knightley has unveiled a short animation film entitled “Climate Crisis and Why We Should Panic Now”. Translated into 14 different languages, it’s the second of a two-part explainer video series for Extinction Rebellion, focusing on the climate and ecological crisis. In this article, we will have a look at evidence of the […]

September 2nd

From Katrina to Laura: Climate change is making our hurricane seasons worse and our storms stronger

Burning fossil fuels disrupts Earth’s natural processes, intensifying storms like Hurricane Laura, which made a direct hit to the Gulf Coast. It’s a recipe for disaster, and it’s only getting worse. By The Years Project Burning fossil fuels disrupts Earth’s natural processes, intensifying storms like #HurricaneLaura2020. It’s a recipe for disaster, and it’s only getting […]

August 29th

Utah GOP Rep. John Curtis: Confessions of a climate conservative (Video)

Utah’s Rep. John Curtis, who represents the youngest district in the U.S., addressed the Sutherland Institute on Monday, delivering a virtual address titled: Confessions of a Climate Conservative. Our podcast producer Price Atkinson listened in on those confessions. And here are a few tidbits from Congressman Curtis’ talk.   By Chelsea Henderson EcoRight News/ RepublicEN “If we don’t take a seat […]

August 26th