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June is National Ocean Month

Join us to celebrate and learn about our world ocean during National Ocean Month. Get a snapshot of some surprising facts in less than two minutes with our video! By NOAA Watch the Video HERE Video Transcript: What do you know about our ocean? The ocean is where life began over 3.5 billion years ago. […]

The coronavirus pandemic might make buildings sick, too

While millions of people are under orders to stay home amid the coronavirus pandemic, water is sitting in the pipes of empty office buildings and gyms, getting old and potentially dangerous. Discolored water can be caused by heavy metals, such as iron or copper. Iron can also act as a nutrient for organisms to grow […]

Video: Rethinking climate activism (in the post-Coronavirus world)

“How are we going to make climate change an important topic of conversation when the only thing that’s dominating the news cycle is the coronavirus pandemic?” XR Youth US Comms Director Azalea is reconsidering what it looks like to be an activist. Rethinking Climate Activism “How are we going to make climate change an important topic of […]

May 20th

Climate change future: What will we do when it gets Too Hot for Humans

How hot it feels is determined by the heat index, a combination of temperature and humidity. Over the next 60 years, that number is predicted to skyrocket. Climate scientist and extreme weather expert Radley Horton explains how that will cause unprecedented suffering and disruption around the world. The YEARS Project Read the study Horton and […]

May 11th

Tips for talking about carbon pricing (Videos!)

As actress and activist Nikki Reed learned during the second season of YEARS OF LIVING DANGEROUSLY, there’s a growing number of people who are working to solve climate change by pushing for a price on carbon. Carbon pricing is an economic tool that encourages polluters to switch to clean energy, by making the cost of polluting high. It’s […]

May 4th

The Story Of Plastics is a must-see video for Earth Day

Over the past 50 years, plastics have wormed their way into our lives to such an extent that today we literally can’t live without them. One problem is that the raw materials we need to make most plastics from come from oil. A second problem is, they are so cheap and plentiful, we tend to […]

April 22nd

Long strange trip: This ’69 VW conceals a 450 hp Tesla EV motor

There is no shortage of great restomod ideas in the world. All of you out there in CleanTechnica-land who were wondering if that electric Volkswagen E-BULLI concept from a few weeks ago could stand to do with a bit more than 82 HP, well, you’re about to find out. Meet Petrol Ped’s 1969 T2 VW. Similar concept […]

April 11th

Take a sneak peek inside the Tesla factory in Shanghai, China

Getting a peek inside a Tesla factory is not something that happens every day. The CleanTechnica crew was fortunate enough to get a rare glimpse inside the Fremont factory last year but the latest factory in Shanghai takes everything Tesla has learned about manufacturing automobiles and distills it into the most cutting edge factory on the planet. By Steve […]

April 10th

Katharine Hayhoe on Climate Change and the Coronavirus (video)

This week’s must watch: Climate change and coronavirus. In her popular and informative Global Weirding series, Katharine Hayhoe explains the connection between climate change and the coronavirus. “Climate change is a big issue, but no, it is not the only one we face,” she says. “Was [coronavirus] caused by climate change or not? No, it was not. […]

April 6th

Cosmos: Possible Worlds, Definite Message About Climate Crisis

Somebody, somewhere in the sparkling green future will write the definitive history of how and why human beings all over the world finally got their billions of acts together and started dealing with the climate crisis, but why wait for that? The venerable science series Cosmos is back on TV for 13 episodes with a […]

March 9th

Climate gentrification: rising seas lead to rising rents (video)

Coastal flooding is driving up the cost of housing in high-elevation Miami neighborhoods like Little Haiti. In the summer of 2018, Nexus Media took part in Freedom to Breathe, a cross-country tour that explored how climate change intersects with the racial, social, and economic challenges that Americans face every day. Nexus Media We saw firsthand how fossil fuel […]

March 1st

Tar Sands Pipelines: In Canada, militarized police attack indigenous peoples on their own land

From the Indigenous Environmental Network: Watch this video of heavily militarized police invading #Wetsuweten territories. Right now dozens of militarized police with assault rifles and dogs have been deployed against unarmed Wet’suwet’en land defenders on unceded Indigenous land. Militarized RCMP Raid Gidimt'en Monitoring Post at 39KM SHARE WIDELY – This morning at approximately 4:30am, heavily militarized RCMP invaded unceded […]

February 7th