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Forests can’t handle all the net-zero emissions plans – companies and countries expect nature to offset too much carbon

Net-zero emissions pledges to protect the climate are coming fast and furious from companies, cities and countries. But declaring a net-zero target doesn’t mean they plan to stop their greenhouse gas emissions entirely – far from it. Most of these pledges rely heavily on planting trees or protecting forests or farmland to absorb some of […]

November 16th

Moving beyond America’s war on wildfire: 4 ways to avoid future megafires

Californians have been concerned about wildfires for a long time, but the past two years have left many of them fearful and questioning whether any solutions to the fire crisis truly exist. By Susan Kocher, University of California, Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources and Ryan E. Tompkins, University of California, Division of Agriculture and […]

October 24th

Minimum Viable Planet: On determined focus versus wide-eyed wonder (Coach Beard talks to the trees)

I wake up in the middle of the night to read Suzanne Simard. So, it seems, does Coach Beard, the sleeper fave character on the charming and messy TV show, Ted Lasso. By Sarah Lazarovic Minimum Viable Planet From the CBC : The character of Coach Nate, played by Nick Mohammed, is complaining he never gets credit for his tactical […]

October 24th

Ancient sequoias wrapped in foil as California wildfire threatens

A grove of ancient trees in Sequoia National Park remained Friday in the path of a California wildfire that has already triggered evacuations and other protective efforts including wrapping some of the iconic trees—including the planet’s biggest—in protective foil covering. By  Andrea Germanos Common Dreams It has come to this: wrapping trees in tin foil. 💔 — annehawthorne #ClearThePath @WeDoHope (@annehawthorne) […]

September 19th

Brazilian Amazon deforestation back up to highest level in a decade (Thanks, Bolsonaro)

Encouraged by President Jair Bolsonaro, deforestation in Brazil’s Amazon rainforest surged to its highest annual level in a decade over the past year, with researchers warning that the accelerated destruction of the critical carbon sink is imperiling the ability to keep planetary heating below the Paris climate agreement’s 1.5ºC target. By Brett Wilkins Common Dreams Imazon, […]

August 21st

3 wildfire lessons for forest towns as Dixie Fire destroys historic Greenville, California

A wildfire burning in dry mountain forest swept through the Gold Rush town of Greenville, California, on Aug. 4, reducing neighborhoods and the historic downtown to charred rubble. Hours earlier, the sheriff had warned Greenville’s remaining residents to get out immediately as strong, gusty winds drove the Dixie Fire toward town. At the same time, […]

August 7th

How years of fighting every wildfire helped fuel the Western megafires of today

mmm By Susan J. Prichard, University of Washington; Keala Hagmann, University of Washington, and Paul Hessburg, United States Forest Service The Conversation After so many smoke-filled summers and record-setting burns, residents of Western North America are no strangers to wildfires. Still, many questions are circulating about why forest fires are becoming larger and more severe […]

August 2nd

In ‘Critical Step’ for climate, Biden to restore protections for Tongass National Forest

Conservation and climate action groups on Thursday applauded the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s announcement of far-reaching new protections for Alaska’s Tongass National Forest as well as a restoration of a key rule that former President Donald Trump rescinded three months before leaving office in a bid to open millions of acres to industrial logging. By Julia Conley <emCommon […]

July 19th

Europe’s biomass blunder shows why trusting GOP’s trillion trees Climate plan would be a bad idea

The American Conservation Coalition’s campaign to greenwash Republicans exists to generate ‘man bites dog’ type stories, like hits in the Washington Post and Fox News on Monday, about how maybe the GOP isn’t so bad on climate change, since they spout catchphrases like “innovation” and claim to support climate policies (that actually reward polluters), like the Trillion Trees proposal. By Climate […]

Climate Emergency: The Amazon rainforest was a carbon sink. We screwed that up.

Following years of warnings and mounting fears among scientists, “terrifying” research revealed Wednesday that climate change and deforestation have turned parts of the Amazon basin, a crucial “sink,” into a source of planet-heating carbon dioxide. By Jessica Corbett Common Dreams Though recent research has elevated concerns about the Amazon putting more CO2 and other greenhouse gases into the atmosphere than […]

July 17th

How palm oil became the world’s most hated, most used fat source

Palm oil is everywhere today: in food, soap, lipstick, even newspaper ink. It’s been called the world’s most hated crop because of its association with deforestation in Southeast Asia. But despite boycott campaigns, the world uses more palm oil than any other vegetable oil – over 73 million tons in 2020. By Jonathan E. Robins, […]

June 26th

Rocky Mountain forests burning more now than any time in the past 2,000 years

The exceptional drought in the U.S. West has people across the region on edge after the record-setting fires of 2020. Last year, Colorado alone saw its three largest fires in recorded state history, one burning late in October and crossing the barren Continental Divide well above the tree line. By Philip Higuera, The University of […]

June 22nd

Deforestation is driven by global markets

The world is at a crossroads, as humanity tries to mitigate climate change and halt biodiversity loss, while still securing a supply of food for everyone. A recent study in Nature Communications shows that global demands for commodities, especially in connection with agricultural development, are the main drivers of land use change in the global […]

June 15th

Conservationists applaud Biden plan to reverse Trump attack on Tongass National Forest

Indigenous rights and climate action groups on Friday welcomed the Biden administration’s announcement that the Department of Agriculture will “repeal or replace” former President Donald Trump’s assault on Alaska’s Tongass National Forest, in which a 20-year-old rule protecting wild lands was revoked three months before Trump left office. By Julia Conley Common Dreams Trump’s rollback of the 2001 […]

June 13th

Tackling the challenges of a future that is drier, hotter and more prone to fires

In a new EOS Opinion Article, MAPP Drought Task Force leaders Rong Fu, Andrew Hoell, Justin Mankin, and Isla Simpson, working with NIDIS staff member Amanda Sheffield describe the disastrous impacts droughts, heat waves, and fires have in the United States and world, and new MAPP- and NIDIS-funded research that’s tackling the challenges of a […]

June 13th