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8 ways to rebuild a stronger ocean economy after the Coronavirus

Almost no facet of our global economy has been immune to the COVID-19 crisis. Much has been said about the disruption in more familiar sectors such as airlines, restaurants and sports — but the long arm of COVID-19 has also reached out to sea, affecting our “blue economy.” This collection of formal and informal marine jobs, products […]

If we can put a man on the Moon, we can save the Great Barrier Reef of Australia

Scientists recently confirmed the Great Barrier Reef suffered another serious bleaching event last summer – the third in five years. Dramatic intervention to save the natural wonder is clearly needed. First and foremost, this requires global greenhouse gas emissions to be slashed. But the right combination of technological and biological interventions, deployed with care at […]

April 25th

3D printed coral mimics the real thing

Most of us have heard that coral reefs around the world are dying, largely because of warmer ocean temperatures and the increased acidity of seawater, but few people realize why that is important to humans. Who really cares if the Great Barrier Reef off the coast of Australia is nearly lifeless? So a few rich […]

April 18th

Just 88 polluters cause 1/2 of ocean acidification

a new study published last week in Environmental Research Letters attributes half of the observed ocean acidification to 88 major emitters from the gas, oil, coal and cement industries. As coverage at ClimateLiability mentions, several of those crazy 88 are already facing lawsuits related to climate change, including Exxon, Chevron, BP, Shell, ConocoPhillips and Total. By Climate Denier Roundup Last […]

December 16th

Like the oceans, the Great Lakes may be turning acid

Carbon pollution could be turning the lakes more acidic. A lack of data has left scientists with more questions than answers. By Tiffany Chen Nexus Media Imagine diving into the shallow waters off the coast of Lake Michigan. You can see bare rocks and sand as you descend. Pinky-size spottail shiners swim by, shimmering in […]

March 1st

Remember how bad ocean warming was going to be? It’s 40% WORSE.

News Flash! The oceans are warming 40% faster than predicted just a few years ago. That finding is contained in a new study published January 11 in the journal Science. We now return you to our usual programming, already in progress. Go back to sleep, Mr. President. Nothing to see here. Move along. By Steve Hanley Cleantechnica For […]

January 15th

Fishermen around the world in trouble from climate change

Making a living as a fisherman has always been a challenge. With the climate changing, it is rapidly becoming even more challenging. By Partnership for Responsible Growth Fisherman Darius Kasprzak of Kodiak, Alaska, has been fishing commercially since 1983. “I have gone from averaging 100,000 pounds of cod every year at 40 cents a pound, […]

January 9th