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EU: Socialism Rises Again – But How Green?

In France, the Old Left is rising again. Working people are becoming angry that bankers are being bailed out to continue to pay obscene bonuses while ordinary peoples’ jobs go to the wall. Governments are under pressure to limit mass unemployment as a result of the recession. But this cannot be done by propping up environmentally-dangerous industries. They must be required to change. It’s a story of danger – and of opportunity.

January 30th

Lovelock Warns: One Last Chance Or 8 Billion Die

In a recent interview in Britain’s New Scientist magazine, scientist James Lovelock, originator of the Gaia Hypothesis and the man whose work on CFCs led to their being banned, says that he believes that at least 90% of the human population will be wiped out by the end of the century as a direct result of climate change.

January 29th