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Is the world headed toward zero population growth?

It seems totally counter-intuitive, but it looks like the ZPG crowd may win out after all: The rate of global population growth is now declining, and within our lifetime, we could see the population stabilize and actually start to decrease. But wait, you say… didn’t world population hit 7 billion last year? Jeff Wise explains at Slate: […]

January 10th

GOP House of Reps: “Get out of the way, Nature!!”

Two years isn’t a long time.  But its enough time to inflict some serious damage if you’re the new party in power in the House of Representatives. The Republicans, riding the lunatic fringe Tea Party wave in the 2010 election, seized a sizable majority of the House of Representatives and started their reign of terror […]

September 17th

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water – Court issues lake-killing ruling on acid rain

The Adirondack Council, an environmental organization that has been a national leader in the fight against acid rain, has called on the Obama Administration to appeal the decision of the U.S. District Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit here, which last month overturned the Cross-State Air Pollution Rule. The Adirondack Council called […]

September 16th

David Brin: The case for a scientific nation, part 2

By David Brin Last time I made it clear whom I blame for 90% of the tragic collapse of American political discourse, and especially the War on Science.  Indeed, I will finish (in a bit) by quoting one of the most eloquent calls that I have seen, for a return to confidence in our future-oriented nation. (See: […]

September 11th

Poisoning paradise: North Dakota’s dirty oil boom

by Nicholas Kusnetz Oil drilling has sparked a frenzied prosperity in Jeff Keller’s formerly quiet corner of western North Dakota in recent years, bringing an infusion of jobs and reviving moribund local businesses. But Keller, a natural resource manager for the Army Corps of Engineers, has seen a more ominous effect of the boom, too: Oil […]

Some Republicans support conservation (but GOP Congress is sitting on their legislation)

Republicans for Environmental Protection today called on Speaker John Boehner to take up dozens of Republican-sponsored conservation and preservation measures that are pending in the GOP-led House. In its letter to the Speaker, the organization pointed to three dozen Republican-sponsored measures that await House consideration. The measures would designate scenic wilderness areas, protect free-flowing rivers, […]

March 22nd

Snake oil salesmen

By James Howard Kunstler Those frightening sounds, sights, and odors on the wind this foreboding snowless winter – like emanations from some back ward of a global psychiatric hospital – are the signs of a nation going completely mad. The traumatic rise of oil prices above the $100 level is one irritant, prompting a range […]

February 27th

Saving the Earth from the rising tide of Santorum

By David Brin Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum is truly on a roll.  Feeling his oats, he has been laying down a hardcore line. And if this one week is any sample, we are in for one heckuva ride. He started by impugning President Ombama’s religious faith as “phony theology.” This is red meat, so […]

February 22nd

Bill to require labeling of GMO Frankenfish fails in California

You would think that a simple bill requiring the labeling of genetically modified (GMO) Frankenfish would pass easily through the California Legislature. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case, since Assemblymembers apparently beholden to the bioegineering and biotechnology industry on January 19 voted against a bill, AB 88, that would have required that all genetically engineered (GE) […]

January 23rd