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Bill to require labeling of GMO Frankenfish fails in California

You would think that a simple bill requiring the labeling of genetically modified (GMO) Frankenfish would pass easily through the California Legislature. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case, since Assemblymembers apparently beholden to the bioegineering and biotechnology industry on January 19 voted against a bill, AB 88, that would have required that all genetically engineered (GE) […]

January 23rd

Halfway marine protection measure launched in California

So-called marine protected areas (MPAs), created under the leadership of a big oil lobbyist, went into effect today, January 1, in Southern California ocean waters from Point Conception in Santa Barbara County to the U.S./Mexico border. Representatives of the Department of Fish and Game, corporate “environmental” NGOs, the Western States Petroleum Association, Safeway Stores and […]

January 1st

Will California privatize its state parks?

David Gurney, independent journalist, slammed the state of California’s winter closure of Sugarloaf Ridge State Park in Sonoma County – and pondered whether state parks proposed for closure will be turned over to private interests, as some have proposed. “In the first ring of a dismal peal that signals the death knell for our revered […]

December 7th

Occupy the Ocean! Don’t let the 1% privatize fishing!

As the Occupy movement spreads throughout the nation and world, sustainable fishing communities, consumer groups and grassroots environmentalists have mobilized to stop the 1 percent from stealing ocean public trust resources from the 99 percent. This week the U.S. Congress is expected to vote on a critical bill that would continue a recently instituted ban […]

November 14th

EPA links fracking to contamination of Wyoming aquifer

For years, the gas industry has denied there could be any possible link between hydrolic fracturing – aka fracking – and contamination of underground aquifers used by millions of Americans for drinking water and agricultural irrigation. But a study released today has found just that – a pretty definitive link between fracking and the extensive […]

November 10th

This is bad: Fracking causes earthquakes.

By Briana Mordick Natural Resources Defense Council In a report commissioned by United Kingdom-based Cuadrilla Resources, researchers concluded that a series of earthquakes in Lancashire, UK were likely caused by hydraulic fracturing. Two relatively large earthquakes, with magnitudes 2.3 and 1.5, and 48 smaller events occurred in the hours after several stages of the Preese Hall 1 well […]

November 4th

Supreme Court upholds Endangered Species Act

The right-wing majority on the U.S. Supreme Court has been using its muscle to cut back on the power of the Federal Government. In particular, there are concerns that it made invalidate some of the broad authority the government has assumed over the years under the Interstate Commerce Clause of the Constitution. So it’s encouraging […]

November 1st

Movie trailer: The Lorax speaks for the 80 percent (with Zac Efron and Taylor Swift)

They’re actually doing it – they’re making a movie of Dr. Seuss’ marvelous eco-fable, The Lorax.
And while Occupy Wall Street may speak for the 99 percent… of humans in the US (and maybe even on the planet), there hasn’t been much said so far about the 80 percent – which is how much of the planet’s biomass trees represent.
Well, when Danny DeVito speaks, people tend to listen, and Zac Efron and Taylor Swift are almost as cute animated as they are in real life…

October 29th

Senate GOP plan will create pollution, not jobs

By Frances Beinecke, President of NRDC, New York City Senate Republicans have opened a new front in the war against public health and environmental safeguards.  They released a so-called jobs plan that calls for removing standards that protect Americans from smog, arsenic, lead, mercury, and other hazardous pollutants. What the proposal shows is that Republican leaders […]

October 24th

Did factory farms spread deadly disease to West Coast salmon?

For the first time ever, scientists have uncovered the presence of infectious salmon anemia, a deadly virus that has devastated farmed fish in Chile, in wild salmon populations on the West Coast. This news arrived at a time when the Obama administration is fast-tracking the approval of genetically engineered Atlantic salmon, promoting environmental destructive corporate […]

October 20th

Governor Jerry Brown continuing his legacy as an ocean leader

I was in kindergarten when Jerry Brown was elected governor the first time around, and I grew up enjoying the legacy he left for California’s coast and ocean when he signed the California Coastal Act into law. The Coastal Act states that “the permanent protection of the state’s natural and scenic resources is a paramount concern to present and future residents of the state and nation.” True 35 years ago and just as true today.

October 17th