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Environmental Protest Round Up 24 July

Trouble in various kinds of paradise is the theme of this week’s environmental protest round up. Often, this kind of protest seems to happen in areas where low rates of employment and lack of other natural resources means that local residents are ‘forced’ to accept environmental projects that might be unacceptable in richer regions. But this week there is evidence that even Edens have their devils.

July 24th

Tradition, Biofuel and Famine in Uganda

Uganda’s Agriculture Minister said that she regretted the fact that Ugandan citizens are still dying of hunger in a country that has enough crops to export to other parts of Africa. New national laws may be imposed that require every household to grow its own root crops such as cassava and sweet potatoes.

July 23rd

UK Bee Failure Both Environmental and Political

As things currently stand, British beekeepers fear government intervention and ‘meddling’, being told to move or destroy hives if they are seen as potentially infected or too old to meet current standards, and they can’t see why they should sign up for a scheme that has no discernable benefit to the beekeeper.

July 22nd

Agenda for a Sustainable America

From policymakers, business leaders and NGOs, to students in law and graduate programs, the broad scope and forward-looking tone of Agenda for a Sustainable America would make it a valuable addition to the bookcases of anyone interested in sustainability.

July 20th

Environmental Protest Round Up 17 July 2009

This week’s environmental protests are all focused around a key theme that leads to public protest: political failure. Discover the deeply rooted political antipathy that’s putting the ocean at risk, the place whree local people want to preserve an ancient resource against potential, rather than actual, harm while political powers want jobs and income for the immediate future and what happens when competing interests can’t solve their problems in discussion.

July 17th

Niger Delta – a Humanitarian and Environmental Catastrophe

An independent report, commissioned by the Nigerian Conservation Foundation in 2006, says that the Niger delta region is one of the five most polluted places on the planet and claims that in the past decade more than a million tones of oil have been spilled in the delta, damaging the mangrove eco-system that is the fragile margin between saline and freshwater environments in this part of the world.

July 15th

Obama in Ghana: Is it Just About Oil?

During his first trip to the plateau continent, Obama has been greeted with much fanfare and love, but some are calling into question his motivation for visiting Ghana. Perhaps it is from eight years of the Bush Administration that have made us suspicious of our president’s oil motivations, but Ghana’s new offshore oil boom may give good cause for doubt.

July 13th

British ‘Green’ Air Tax Imperils Environment?

While it may seem that countries should just ‘take the hit’ on internationally effective ‘green’ taxes, the real risk is that the loss of tourism, with its relatively green profile means that other income sources become more appealing. These could include extractive industries like mining or oil exploration, intensive industries like swift-rotation monoculture farming, or exploitative industries like logging.

July 13th