Natural Resources

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CO2 Levels, Oceans and Fisheries

Most of us are familiar with the idea of carbon dioxide (CO2) from industrial development leaching into the atmosphere, causing global warming. The effect of CO2 on ocean temperatures and acidification is much less well publicised, but just as worrying. In fact, it’s a potential cause of famine.

April 21st

Environmental Protest Round-Up: 20 April 2009

One of the biggest stories in the UK at present is the relationship between democracy and the police – or as it has been expressed several times by Nick Hardwick, chairman of the Independent Police Complaints Commission – the police needed to remember that they were “servants, not masters” of the public.

April 20th

Genetically Modified Crops: A Danger or an Agricultural Right?

M S Swaminathan, ‘The Father of Economic Ecology’ is on record as saying that GMOs shouldn’t be grown in or marketed to the developed world, where they aren’t necessary, but should be created for the developing world, to meet the food needs of large populations living in poverty and to allow such nations to develop a reliable food surplus that they can sell to the developed world.

April 16th