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Cities with the worst air pollution in the US: LA, Bakersfield and Fresno

 This year we celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Clean Air Act, a landmark federal law responsible for dramatic improvements in air quality. Despite this, a new report from the American Lung Association reveals that nearly half of the nation’s population – 150 million people – “lived with and breathed polluted air, placing their health and […]

April 23rd

The Story Of Plastics is a must-see video for Earth Day

Over the past 50 years, plastics have wormed their way into our lives to such an extent that today we literally can’t live without them. One problem is that the raw materials we need to make most plastics from come from oil. A second problem is, they are so cheap and plentiful, we tend to […]

April 22nd

200,000 Americans die every year from air pollution

Below is an article I published in August 2017. As we consider perhaps more than ever how much different things cause death in the USA, I think it’s good to take note of the vast number of premature deaths that come as a result of air pollution — 200,000 a year in the United States. Also, […]

April 21st

Air pollution shortens lives 2.9 years, annually causes 8.8 million early deaths

Published in Cardiovascular Research, a new study—“Loss of life expectancy from air pollution compared to other risk factors: a worldwide perspective”—has concluded from 2015 data that fine particulate matter (PM2.5) and ground-level ozone (smog) shorten average life spans more than tobacco smoking, HIV/AIDS, violence, and vector-borne diseases like malaria. The leading culprit: the burning of […]

March 5th

Tar Sands FAIL: Teck Resources pulls the plug on $15.5 billion Alberta project

Sometimes it’s good to be prescient. CleanTechnica published a story today about two natural gas pipelines that have been held up for years by opponents. In that story, we suggested time may be working to the advantage of environmental activists. Renewables get cheaper every day, it seems, while public awareness that burning fossil fuels is endangering the planet increases. […]

February 25th

Fracking has led to a bust for Pennsylvania school district finances

Unconventional natural gas development has transformed American energy over the past decade. Hydraulic fracturing, often popularly referred to as “fracking,” is a process used in extracting oil or gas resources from underground formations such as shale or sandstone. In Pennsylvania and elsewhere, this has been an industrially intensive method, and wells are often drilled a mile […]

February 13th