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Trump admin attacks children’s health once again. So much for being “pro life” and “pro family

The Trump Administration’s attacks on the health and welfare of children just keep coming, from the rollback of mercury protections to the now aborted policy of separating children from their parents at the border. The latest example to be uncovered, this time by E&E News, involves the White House deleting language (see picture, below) about the impacts of […]

Told You So: Trump’s Enviro Agenda Is To Kill 40 Thousand, Bake the Planet, Reap the Profits

Two months ago – two lifetimes ago in the Trump newscycle – we discussed the shift from denial to post-denial or denialism (from hiding warming’s impacts to embracing them). We also went over how the Trump administration was admitting its policieswould kill Americans and kill jobs, all while warming the climate. By Climate Denier Roundup Now that the Washington Post […]

Climate Week 2018: A healthy planet needs healthy people (how to re-frame the climate change argument)

How can we inspire more action to protect planetary health at the pace and scale the world needs? Paulette Frank, Johnson & Johnson’s Worldwide Vice President for Environmental Health, Safety & Sustainability, asserts that public health could be the unifying motivator to tackle both air pollution and climate change simultaneously. By Paulette Frank Climate Week […]

September 25th

Europe’s new emissions standards force polluting cars off the road (as US backslides under Trump)

This month marks an important transitional step away from the obsolete technology of dirty fossil fuel vehicles and in favor of electric vehicles that can run on clean energy. The Worldwide Harmonised Light Vehicle Test Procedure (WLTP) has come into force in the EU from 1st of September 2018, leading to much hand-wringing by the traditional fossil […]

September 10th

Mountaintop removal mining devastated an area bigger than Delaware

Mountaintop removal mining. The most devastating form of surface mining—which literally involves blowing the tops off mountains to get at narrow seams of coal—has inflicted astounding damage to the Appalachian landscape and communities near these mines. Foes have for decades opposed the practice. Coal companies deny that mountaintop removal and the appallingly backward disposal of waste associated with it have a negative […]

July 28th

Climate deniers want more heavily-polluting trucks. Because that just makes so much sense.

With a combination of the sensational must-click words “emails,” “colluded,” and “Trump,” the headline of a Daily Caller story that ran at the top the site’s homepage for a while yesterday promises a major revelation. The story, spoon-fed to Koch operative Michael Bastasch by bedwetting–obsessed industry lobbyist Steve Milloy, is not about what those three SEO-optimized words may suggest, but […]

There’s a big hole in diesel emissions that can kill you. Pruitt says that’s great.

They call them “gliders.” They are big rigs built and sold without engines, transmissions, and rear axles. Then they are supplied with these items from salvage yards and wrecked trucks, and the engines are totally rebuilt down to the core. Rebuilt engines that, thanks to a loophole, aren’t required to meet limits on emissions from diesel-fueled trucks because […]

February 15th

“We want to breathe, too.” 8 downwind states sue EPA to block smog from 9 upwind states

For a long time, northeast and mid-Atlantic states have complained that pollution from coal-fired power plants and other sources has been carried eastward by the wind from their origins in other states. Consequences? More ground-level ozone that creates or worsens smog in the downwind states. By Meteor Blades Studies have shown smog to be especially harmful to […]

December 28th