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Earth Matters: Colorado River water disaster affects millions, including Western Tribes

More than a half-century ago, Tom Bell of Lander, Wyoming, bought a weekly recreational newsletter and eventually turned it into a shoestring operation called High Country News. He soon extended its coverage of the environmental crisis that he saw plaguing his state and much of the rest of the American West. Based in Colorado since the early 1980s, […]

January 7th

Petition against Sites Reservoir reaches 50,000 signatures after a deadly year for winter-run salmon

Just before the California Department of Fish and Wildlife released a New Year’s Eve letter revealing that 2.6 percent of juvenile Chinook salmon had perished in lethally warm water conditions on the Sacramento River,  a petition sponsored by Save California Salmon in opposition to the Sites Reservoir reached 50,000 signatures. By Dan Bacher This milestone also came […]

January 7th

Are Delta Smelt on the verge of extinction?

2021 was a very bad year for Delta smelt and other declining fish populations on the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta. For the fourth year in a row, the California Department of Fish and Wildlife has caught zero Delta smelt in its Fall Midwater Trawl (FMWT) survey on the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta. By Dan Bacher The […]

January 6th

2021 was a bad year for glaciers in western North America — and it’s about to get much worse

The year 2021 will likely be one of the worst for glaciers in southern British Columbia, Alberta, Washington and Montana. Brian Menounos, University of Northern British Columbia The Conversation It started out OK. A weak La Niña arrived in the fall of 2020 and continued through the winter. La Niñas tend to favour cool conditions […]

January 1st

RedGREENandBlue’s top 10 stories of 2021: Despite massive public opposition and global pandemic, California barrels forward with its water-stealing Delta Tunnel plan

RedGREENandBlue’s top 10 stories of 2021: Steven Donziger beat Chevron in court, so they crucified him. He just won his appeal Michael Mann on “Don’t Look Up”: DO see this film! Earth’s magnetic field broke down 42,000 years ago and caused massive sudden climate change Sharkfest: 10 solutions to overfishing that could save our oceans […]

December 30th

Reclamation, Sites Project Authority extend public comment period for proposed Sites reservoir to Jan. 28

The U.S. Bureau of Reclamation and Sites Project Authority has announced an extension of the public comment period on the proposed Sites Reservoir project from Jan. 11 to Jan. 28, 2022. By Dan Bacher Sites Reservoir is opposed by California Tribal representatives, environmental justice groups, conservation organizations and fishing groups because the big threat that it poses […]

December 28th

Big Ag pushing California ballot initiative (to steal even more water)

Sixteen tribal, environmental justice, fishing, and conservation groups on Tuesday announced their strong opposition to the “More Water Now” ballot measure initiative, otherwise known as the “Water Infrastructure Funding Act of 2022.” By Dan Bacher The initiative, being by pushed by Central Valley agribusiness and water districts to fund an array of new water projects in California, is being circulated for signatures and could potentially be placed on the […]

December 23rd

As CA drought continues, DWR announces plan to suspend Delta water quality standards

As the three latest fish surveys on the Delta reveal that the Delta smelt is virtually extinct in the wild, the California Department of Water Resources (DWR) today announced an initial State Water Project (SWP) allocation of 0 percent for state water contractors in 2022, with the exception of certain health and safety needs. By Dan Bacher DWR also announced several […]

December 3rd

CA Tribal communities organize to stop Sites Reservoir, provide clean water to salmon and the Delta

Tribal activists, drinking water advocates and commercial and subsistence fishers are asking the public to stand with them in the fight for both the Trinity and Sacramento River salmon by supporting a California state process to restore flows in California’s largest rivers, and by fighting a proposal for a twenty square mile reservoir, the Sites […]

December 2nd

Old phone cable containing 63 tons of toxic lead will be removed from Lake Tahoe

Anglers, divers and other residents of the Lake Tahoe Basin have reason to celebrate. Under a settlement agreement finalized this month in federal court in Sacramento, AT&T’s PacBell subsidiary will remove eight miles of decrepit telephone cable from Lake Tahoe, where it has been leaching toxic lead into the iconic lake’s water for decades. The cable […]

November 28th

Removal of four PacifiCorp dams on Klamath River slated to begin in early 2023

If all goes as planned, the removal of four PacifiCorp Dams on the Klamath River that have blocked salmon and steelhead migration for over 100 years will begin in early 2023, according to Klamath River Renewal Corporation (KRRC) Executive Director Mark Bransom. By Dan Bacher Branson spoke at a press briefing on Friday that also […]

November 19th

Fishery biologist Tom Cannon: Delta smelt are “likely virtually extinct in the wild”

I have reported every year for over a decade on the results of the California Department of Fish and Wildlife’s Fall Midwater Trawl Survey. For the past three years, no Delta smelt, once the most abundant fish in the entire Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta, have been found in this survey. None have been found in the […]

November 18th

The infrastructure bill has billions to replace lead pipes in water systems. Newark shows the rest of the US how it can be done.

Faced with a lead crisis that drew comparisons to Flint, Michigan’s, some people have called Newark, New Jersey’s response a “national model.” Still, eliminating lead from drinking water nationwide will not be an easy task. By Lynne Peeples Ensia In July 2018, tests showed that the drinking water supply serving Yvette Jordan’s home in Newark, […]

November 15th

Countdown to Extinction: ZERO delta smelt found in October Midwater Trawl Survey for fourth year

Time is running out for the Delta smelt, once the most abundant fish in the entire Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta. For the fourth October in a row, the California Department of Fish and Wildlife has caught zero Delta smelt in its Fall Midwater Trawl Survey of the Delta. By Dan Bacher The smelt is now near […]

November 12th

In drought-stricken CA, oil industry consumed 4.6 billion gallons of fresh water for extraction in just 3 years

The FracTracker Alliance has released a new report on water use by the oil and gas industry in California: www.fractracker.org/… By Dan Bacher “We found that the oil and gas industry consumed over 4.6 billion gallons of freshwater for extraction operations in California during the 3 year period from 2018-2020,” said Kyle Ferrar, author of the report. […]

November 11th