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Like the oceans, the Great Lakes may be turning acid

Carbon pollution could be turning the lakes more acidic. A lack of data has left scientists with more questions than answers. By Tiffany Chen Nexus Media Imagine diving into the shallow waters off the coast of Lake Michigan. You can see bare rocks and sand as you descend. Pinky-size spottail shiners swim by, shimmering in […]

March 1st

Cali Gov Newsom appoints agribusiness leader as liason with agribusiness

On February 12, California Governor Gavin Newson announced the appointment of William Lyons, 68, of Modesto, to serve in a new position — the Agriculture Liaison in the Office of the Governor. Lyons, a San Joaquin Valley grower who has opposed increased San Joaquin River flows, has been chief executive officer of Lyons Investments Management, LLC […]

February 28th

Environmental Justice: Should Lake Erie have legal rights to clean water?

Something unprecedented is happening in Toledo, Ohio. On February 26, voters there will be asked to approve the Lake Erie Bill of Rights (starts on page 4), a ballot initiative that would make it possible for citizens to sue those who pollute the lake for damages. The proposal is controversial, quite possibly unconstitutional, but passionately supported by […]

February 19th

Delta Tunnels: Jerry Brown is gone, but California Waterfix plan pushes forward

In spite of a multitude of lawsuits against the Delta Tunnels and the California Department of Water Resources (DWR) withdrawing the project’s “certification of consistency” with the Delta Plan developed by the Delta Stewardship Council, the California WaterFix proposal continues to plod forward. By Dan Bacher A press release from Jacobs (NYSE: JEC), posted to PRNewswire on January […]

January 26th

Public speaks out in what could be the last chance to stop the Delta Tunnels before Jerry Brown leaves office

Dozens of Delta advocates showed up for the public comments period of the Delta Stewardship Council on Friday, October 26 to testify how Governor Jerry Brown’s California WaterFix project is inconsistent with the Delta Plan.  This process checks off a box to move forward with construction of the tunnels, a project that the Brown administration has been rushing […]

November 1st

Drain the Swamp? Trump wades into California’s water wars right before Midterm Election 2018

Congressman Jeff Denham (CA-10) on Friday joined President Donald Trump in Arizona for Trump’s signing of a memorandum directing the Department of Interior to slash environmental protections for the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta in order to benefit Central Valley agribusiness interests. By Dan Bacher The memo directs the Department of Interior to deliver more Sacramento and San Joaquin River water to big growers in the […]

October 22nd

Rewables conserve water as well as being better for carbon dioxide

When we talk about renewables like solar and wind, the focus is often on how much carbon dioxide they keep from being dumped into the atmosphere. That’s an important benefit, but there is another aspect of using renewables to generate electricity that is often overlooked. While coal, natural gas, and nuclear power plants require massive […]

August 31st