New Urbanism

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James Howard Kunstler – City living, city dying

By James Howard Kunstler As I was leaving Detroit very early Sunday morning to catch a plane after the Congress of the New Urbanism, I saw the breaking story about a “shooting incident” in an Orlando nightclub, but the first reports did not detail any fatalities. Only after we landed was the shocking news of […]

James Howard Kunstler – The flailings and squawkings of politicians

by James Howard Kunstler Something is sucking the air out of the humid terrarium that is US politics, making the lizards, tarantulas, and scorpions within hyperventilate. That something is the vacuum of disappearing wealth. All the accounting fraud, statistical mis-reporting, price manipulations, naked-short beat-downs, high-speed arbitrage hijinks, and carry trade rackets can’t conceal the reality […]

October 7th

James Howard Kunstler – The Zombies of Gund Hall Go Forth to Eat America’s Brains

By James Howard Kunstler From the newly published book, Landscape Urbanism and its Discontents: Dissimulating the Sustainable City by Andres Duany and Emily Talen. Long about the late 1990s, anxiety beset the mandarins in the architecture schools when a reform movement calling itself The New Urbanism began to excite interest around America, and elsewhere. The New Urbanists proposed a revival […]

June 17th

Dick in a big box retail

By James Howard Kunstler Back in the day when big box retail started to explode upon the American landscape like a raging economic scrofula, I attended many a town planning board meeting where the pro and con factions faced off over the permitting hurdle. The meetings were often raucous and wrathful and almost all the […]

February 18th

A fiscal conservative calls suburban sprawl a Ponzi scheme

By Kaid Benfield, NRDC While my concern with sprawling growth patterns is rooted in their effect on the landscape, on the environment, and on severely compromised populations left behind, Chuck Marohn is all about the money. As his book Thoughts on Building Strong Towns makes quite clear, Chuck believes that sprawl is a Ponzi scheme and […]

September 18th