Occupy Wall Street

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A simple plan to fix the deficit: The transaction tax

By David Brin Elsewhere I’ve long pushed the idea of a financial transactions fee to rebalance the playing field in securities markets, so they will no longer lean so hard in favor of giant Wall Street brokerage houses, now running a scandalous scam called commission-free High Frequency Trading (HFT).  Extremely modest in scale, the transaction fee would not […]

February 11th

The latest GOP lie: There IS no fiscal cliff

You’ve been hearing the drumbeat: We can’t afford clean energy, or high-speed rail, or a green economy, because there just isn’t any money, and unless we cut the deficit RIGHT NOW, the entire world will end and xxxx. We certainly can’t afford to do anything about climate change (you know, that thing that might actually […]

November 26th

James Howard Kunstler: Mitt Romney’s surreal campaign

By James Howard Kunstler Mitt Romney’s sickening insincerity was on full view Sunday night as CNN served up both candidates complete finish-line pitches to the Ohio crowds thought to hold the fate of the election in their fickle sway. Romney has consistently proved one thing over the whole, long, nauseating course of his campaign: that […]

November 5th

James Howard Kunstler: Vipers in the garden

By James Howard Kunstler There’s a good reason why nobody is paying attention to the election this year except the people who, one way or another, get paid to be interested: because for all that’s at stake there is no coherent discussion about any of it. By ‘at stake’ I mean what we are going […]

October 23rd

David Brin: From Job Creators to Let Them Eat Cake

By David Brin Amid the furor over Mitt Romney’s inelegant remarks about the 47% of Americans who are freeloaders – who pay no net federal income tax (FIT) – many rebuttals have shown that he slagged mostly retirees, lower middle class workers (who still pay payroll and other taxes), and even our fighting men and […]

October 2nd

David Brin: American Exceptionalism… versus what has made America exceptional

By David Brin At their convention, the Republicans chose their theme: The coordinated message from two-thirds of their speakers would be American Exceptionalism. Unable to gain leverage by using the economy – which is slowly but clearly recovering from their own train wreck depression – and with the GOP suffering from devastating credibility gaps on everything […]

October 2nd

Romney’s fundraising advantage? Also a lie.

The Romney Rmoney juggernaut was supposed to be this invincible wave that would drown Obama and the Democrats in the final days of the 2012 election campaign. The Citizens United decision would free up the big-bucks corporate donors, and their free speach (in the form of unlimited campaign cash) would swamp Obama’s advantages of incumbency (and […]

September 24th

James Howard Kunstler: Slouching toward Antietam

By James Howard Kunstler I drove the eight miles from Cambridge to Greenwich, New York, around eight o’clock and the night was bell-jar clear. A scrim of deepest blue sky backlit the landscape of tender hills and valleys while on the ground I wended the twisting two-lane state highway 372 with my brights amplifying the […]

September 24th