Occupy Wall Street

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More than 50 arrests as NYPD re-starts harassment ahead of Occupy Wall Street anniversary

As activists gear up for a renewed Occupy Wall Street protest for Monday’s one year anniversary of the movement’s founding, the New York Police Department is gearing up the harassment and arrests. CODEPINK co-director Rae Abileah was arrested, also for no apparent reason; there is speculation that the NYPD had specific individuals targeted for arrest […]

September 15th

Saturday morning cartoon – Free beer: The truth about dishonesty

Tis the season of election, which means the airwaves are saturated with borderline fibbing and blatent dishonesty. After igniting a firestorm of criticism this week for attacking President Obama for “apologizing to America’s enemies” – something everyone on the planet (except for Rence Priebus) has pointed out just plain never ever happened – Romney went […]

September 15th

Kunstler: Zeitgeist failure, the politics of delusion

By James Howard Kunstler In an age of gross zeitgeist dysfunction – when untruth, delusion, and deception rule – politics is mere advertising, which is to say surface shimmer playing on the public’s wish-fulfillment fantasies. The trouble at this moment in history is that the American public’s wishful fantasies are inconsistent with the circumstances that […]

September 10th

David Brin: The case for a scientific nation, part one

By David Brin While the Democrats held their gathering, I kept getting messages: “How did you know offshore banking havens, like the Caymans, would become a big issue?”,  referring to my 1989 novel EARTH, in which secret caches of stolen wealth became the world issue by the 2020s. Despite grim satisfaction from successful forecasting, I get no charge out of […]

September 9th

Remember the Coal Wars…

By Congressman Alan Grayson This weekend marks the anniversary of the most brutal confrontation in the history of the American labor movement, the Battle of Blair Mountain. For one week during 1921, armed, striking coal miners battled scabs, a private militia, police officers and the US Army. 100 people died, 1,000 were arrested, and one million […]

August 26th

James Howard Kunstler: Summery justice

By James Howard Kunstler A great orgasm shuddered through the money world last week when Mario Draghi paused between scamorza con arugula tidbits to remark that the European Central Bank (ECB) would stop at nothing to keep the financial blood of Europe circulating. Of course you wonder how many pony glasses of Campari he knocked […]

August 6th

James Howard Kunstler: Undermining the globe

By James Howard Kunstler News that that a swarm of termites deep inside the British banking system have been fiddling the interbank interest rates (LIBOR) for years in order to systematically vacuum a few billion pence off the exchange floors for themselves is the latest blow to the credibility of the global money system – and […]

Does the government care if you’re reading David Brin?

By David Brin Your e-reader is reading you, tracking and collecting data on your bookish habits. When and where did you put the book down? Or take notes?  Or reread a passage? Publishers now have access to detailed information about exactly how people use a book. Did most readers finish?  Which sections did readers favorite or ‘highlight’? The […]