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Los Angeles bans the bag!

  They did it! The Los Angeles City Council voted 13-1 to phase out plastic bags over a 6-to-12-month period. What’s so bad about plastic bags? They guzzle petroleum, are used once, and after they’re tossed they stick around for thousands of years – trashing the landscape, strangling wildlife, and generally being icky. Acording to […]

May 23rd

Big coal wants to dust us. We want climate justice!

By Emma Newman As coal plants in the United States continue to close, local organizations around the country appear to have struck a blow to the industry. But in reality, as coal consumption decreases in our country, global demand continues to rise. A result of this shift in demand can be found in recent proposals […]

Things to be thankful for: Improved recycling could create 2.3 million jobs

By Peter Lehner Executive Director, Natural Resources Defense Council To further dispute the right-wing gospel that pollution creates jobs, a new report finds that boosting our national recycling and composting rate to 75 percent would create 2.3 million jobs by 2030. That move would also cut 515 million metric tons of carbon dioxide pollution, the equivalent of shutting […]

November 24th