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John Stossel attacks fact checkers because now he can’t supplement Koch funding with as much Facebook ad $

When a referee calls a personal foul, do you respect it and clean up your act, or do you double down and attack the ref? Obviously there are bad calls made occasionally, but if every time a call is made against you, you take the refs from the basketball court to a courtroom crying defamation, […]

December 3rd

True cause of climate change revealed! “A ‘Severe Wobble’ of Earth Will Soon Reveal Hidden Planet Nibiru”

Last month, conservative propaganda shop PragerU published a video featuring Steve Koonin, and just like basically everything else he’s ever said about climate, it was swiftly fact-checked and one of his key claims about Greeland’s ice melt was found “mostly false” by Politifact. But of course Facebook’s Instagram didn’t actually do anything but put a tiny note […]

December 2nd

Climate Crisis: Avoiding temperature overshoot reduces multiple climate change risks

Allowing global temperatures to temporarily “overshoot” end-of-century targets will drive greater economic loss and more severe climate impacts than staying below these targets throughout the century, new research says. Many future pathways for meeting the 1.5C and 2C warming targets by 2100 project that global temperatures will exceed these goals in the short term – […]

December 1st

Woke-washing: No, fossil fuel propagandists are not heroes and martyrs

The fossil fuel industry is increasingly engaging in what Amy Westervelt described as “woke-washing.” It’s a form of reputational propaganda that wants you to believe that the industry responsible for inflicting a truly incredible amount of pain and pollution on poor and BIPOC communities is actually their savior and only hope for living happy, healthy […]

December 1st

New study reveals Arctic ocean warming for over a century

New research published Wednesday revealed the Arctic Ocean has been warming for decades longer than scientists previously understood, raising fresh concerns as the polar region faces the growing threat of a total loss of the seasonal ice that is crucial to the survival of the imperiled marine ecosystem. By Brett Wilkins Common Dreams A study published in Science Advances found […]

November 27th

White people care less about the environment than everyone thinks they do

Americans substantially misperceive who is most concerned about protecting the environment and human health, and those misperceptions are consistent with white Americans’ lack of understanding of the gross inequities of environmental racism, FiveThirtyEight reports. By Nexus Media News Americans perceive young people, white people, and women as the most concerned about environmental issues, when in […]

November 27th

Melting Arctic sea ice linked to worsening wildfire hazard in western US

Arctic sea ice melt has driven an increase in “fire-favourable weather” across the western US over the past four decades, according to new research. The study, published in Nature Communications, finds that low Arctic sea ice levels during July to October have knock-on impacts in the atmosphere that push the jet stream northwards. This tends to […]

November 26th

Dr James Hansen: We need a carbon fee more than a Green New Deal

The eyes of history may see 2021 as a turning point for human-made climate change.  Hyperbole?  Maybe not.  Today is a potential turning point because the public now sees the reality of climate change.  Senators Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema, in questioning the Green New Deal “climate plan,” give Joe Biden the chance to make […]

November 22nd

Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheeple? AI maps 20 years of climate conspiracies

It seems like every day there’s a dumb new climate denial conspiracy, but they all boil down to a handful of key messages: it’s not real, it’s not us, it’s not bad, solutions are worse, or regardless of all that, you just can’t trust climate scientists and activists. Which excuse they use depends on the […]

November 22nd

Edelman, world’s biggest PR firm, has blood on its hands for enabling climate destruction

A group of over 100 climate justice advocates and creators on Monday publicly called on the world’s largest public relations firm—Edelman—to drop ExxonMobil and other fossil fuel companies as clients. By Andrea Germanos Common Dreams “Edelman’s fancy ads are giving ExxonMobil social license to operate, and to thereby destroy our climate,” Dr. Ayana Elizabeth Johnson, a marine […]

November 20th

Earth Matters: Lying oil giants have some ads they’d like you to forget

In a bullseye story at The Guardian, Geoffrey Supran and Naomi Oreskes remind us of the forgotten oil ads that told us climate change was nothing. By Meteor Blades The fossil fuel industry has perpetrated a multi-decade, multibillion dollar disinformation, propaganda and lobbying campaign to delay climate action by confusing the public and policymakers about the climate crisis and its solutions. […]

November 20th

Large majority of voters support Build Back Better and its climate action provisions

A substantial majority of voters support the Build Back Better Act in its current form and strongly support its provisions, a new poll released yesterday by Data For Progress and Invest in America finds. 64% of voters, including 87% of Democrats, 63% of Independents, and 42% of Republicans, support the Build Back Better Act. By Data […]

November 19th

Deadly floods devastate Pacific Northwest: How climate change is upping the ante for hourly rainfall extremes

The floods across Europe, China and the US in recent months have again brought to the fore the ability of extreme rainfall to take lives, destroy homes and displace communities. Evidence suggests climate change is causing increases in extreme precipitation, leading to a greater risk of flooding in urban areas. As a result, agencies around the world are responding to this threat by […]

November 18th

Finding information in climate disinformation around COP26: Superspreaders abound, on Twitter and Facebook

We’ve spent the past few weeks immersed in the social media discussion of COP26, working with an international, collaborative effort to monitor and respond to disinformation in order to prevent it from derailing negotiations. While a daily climate disinfo readout is hardly new for us, having a dashboard aggregating thousands of strategically selected accounts across social platforms […]

November 17th

Climate scientist Dr. Katharine Hayhoe talks her new book, “Saving Us” with CCL

In “Saving Us,” Dr. Katharine Hayhoe argues that when it comes to changing peoples’ minds on climate change, facts are only half the battle: we have to find common ground in order to connect a host of diverse and unique identities to collective action. “Saving Us” provides a look at science, faith, and psychology, and […]

November 16th