War on Science

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With his purchase of Twitter, Elon Musk is undoing all the good Tesla has done for the climate

Last week, Elon Musk completed his $44 billion acquisition of Twitter. Soon after closing the deal, Musk fired Twitter’s top executives including its CEO, CFO, General Counsel, and Head of Legal Policy, Trust and Safety. More layoffs are expected to be made in the coming days. By Common Cause Musk has announced that Twitter will be forming a content […]

October 31st

Natural gas industry really sees itself as the forces of good up against those awful climate nazis

In the past, professional climate deniers have done their job as rodeo clowns to distract the public from charging at fossil fuel companies for their responsibility for the climate crisis by, among other things, comparing climate activists to Nazis or Hitler. By Climate Denier Roundup For example, back in 2009, before the House of Lords sent […]

October 28th

Big surprise: Ad Networks, including Google, both profit from climate disinformation AND FUND IT

Just weeks away from the COP27 summit in Egypt, a report released Wednesday called out major online advertising networks for “actively funding and actively profiting from climate disinformation in the United States.” The analysis from the Climate Action Against Disinformation coalition, Friends of the Earth (FOE), and Dewey Square Group involved a review of 113 “climate […]

October 22nd

Banking on climate action: GOP continues disinformation war on ESG

On Wednesday, the Infowars Investors from the offices of 19 states’ Attorneys General sent letters to six major banks, pressing them on their involvement with the Net-Zero Banking Alliance and their Environmental, Social and Governance practices (to prevent investing in the dirtiest, most racist and corrupt companies). By Climate Denier Roundup This latest step in the Alex Jonesian […]

October 22nd

Who do YOU trust on climate and energy? Fox News has a tequila and hair care billionaire

Riddle me this: What do tequila, salon-quality shampoo, and the global transition to clean energy have in common? By Climate Denier Roundup Answer: Nothing! But that didn’t stop FoxBusiness from interviewing Patron and John Paul Mitchell co-founder John Paul DeJoria, and running a story about how you can’t “take a nation almost to its knees because you want […]

October 21st

Climate deniers have a fun new tactic: Claiming their lies and disinformation are the actual “Debunking”

One of the key tactics of propagandists is to appropriate the language of their opposition, watering down a term’s real meaning while glomming on to the attention it’s getting. It’s a way for them to make fringe ideas sound mainstream, by positioning them squarely within the bounds of reasonable discussion as a Trojan Horse for rejected, racist […]

October 19th