War on Science

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Daily Caller sees climate Nazis as Germany stops heating public pools (in the middle of a heatwave)

It’s been a few months now since Koch-trained political hack Michael Bastasch was made managing editor of the once-Koch-reliant Daily Caller, and the propaganda shop is again regularly producing climate disinformation. By Climate Denier Roundup In addition to Tuesday’s hilariously, legally stupid piece, three recent stories confirm the trend. On August 14th, they published a piece claiming that “experts” are saying that “governing […]

Don’t Look Up: Fox News and Daily Caller attack climate activist Leo DiCaprio (because of course they do)

In the US legal system, a “nuisance” isn’t just an annoyance, it’s a term of art used to describe either the use of one’s own property in a manner that interferes with another’s use of theirs (“private nuisance”), or doing something that hurts the community writ large (“public nuisance”). For example, a private nuisance might be […]

Journalists fell for Charles Koch’s pathetic “rebranding” (and then he spent $1 BILLION on the 2020 election)

Hey, remember back in 2018 when Politico Magazine told us Chase Koch, son of Charles Koch, “wants to steer the conservative juggernaut his family created toward a kinder, gentler libertarianism?” Or what about in 2020, when the Wall Street Journal’s Doug Belkin helped Charles “call me ‘Chuckie’” Koch attempt to rebrand as a “philosopher and, he hopes, unifier?” […]

Climate messaging: Cognitive biases and brain biology help explain why facts don’t change minds

“Facts First” is the tagline of a CNN branding campaign which contends that “once facts are established, opinions can be formed.” The problem is that while it sounds logical, this appealing assertion is a fallacy not supported by research. Cognitive psychology and neuroscience studies have found that the exact opposite is often true when it […]

August 12th

After CO2Coalition gets banned on LinkedIn, RealClearEnergy gives them a forum to whine about it

While Facebook and Twitter continue to amplify climate disinformation, LinkedIn seems to be making some effort to deny climate deniers’ the chance to propagate climate disinformation. Most recently, the professional social network has apparently banned the CO2 Coalition’s members, and the group itself. By Climate Denier Roundup Which makes sense! Given that the group was revealed in a Greenpeace […]

GOP coordinating state-level attacks on corporate climate action – and consumers are paying the price

Republican state treasurers are coordinating with each other and conservative groups to execute a well-funded campaign to block climate policies at the state and federal level, a New York Times investigation Friday revealed. The group meets regularly to exchange tactics and talking points, taking cues from one another on implementing policies that protect fossil fuel […]

August 10th

Twitter has a superspreader problem: Just TEN sources spread ONE THIRD of disinformation

A new preprint study, not yet peer reviewed but up on Arxiv for public review (commonplace for tech-world papers), finds that Twitter is letting major misinformation superspreaders pollute its platform. These superspreaders are largely conservative pundits and pseudo-media outlets, and they’re much more toxic than even other average misinfo shitposters. By Climate Denier Roundup In a Twitter thread […]

Don’t blame Manchin: The one man responsible for American collapse is Charles Koch

A week after the Supreme Six handed down their wedge-in-the-door decision in West Virginia v. EPA, analysts’ perspectives on the ruling range from “it’s a catastrophe” to “not such a big deal.” The court didn’t go so far as to reverse the 2007 Massachusetts v. EPA ruling affirming that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has authority and an obligation under the Clean […]

July 21st

Fox News website decides to join the war on science, starts spewing climate disinformation

For the longest time, the FoxNews website seemed pretty normal on climate change, all things considered. While Fox TV centered hatemongers like Tucker Carlson and the website reflects that with ample coverage of what was on TV, the original content produced for the website was generally indistinguishable from any other lazy political “news” that quotes who said […]