War on Science

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Google/YouTube take a small step towards protecting users from climate disinfo (And anti-Semitism?)

Last week, Google announced that they would no longer allow climate denial ads, and that YouTube would demonetize climate denial content. This is a small but serious win, particularly for the advertisers who don’t want their ads running next to toxic climate denial content. By Climate Denier Roundup  Deniers, of course, freaked out about it. For example, Matt Vespa at TownHall wrote […]

October 13th

What happens in Vegas: Caesars Palace gambles on hosting climate (and Covid) deniers for Heartland conference

Las Vegas is famous for bad decisions, but usually it’s the visitors, not the casinos making the risky bets. As, Chris D’Angelo and Alex Kaufman recently reported for Huffpost, however, in two weeks the infamous Caesars Palace is hosting the Heartland Institute’s big climate denial conference, featuring a 52- “expert” lineup, 45 of whom are white men, […]

October 12th

War on science: Google, YouTube ban monetization of climate disinformation

Digital rights advocates on Thursday welcomed a report that Google and its YouTube video platform are prohibiting the monetization of climate disinformation. Google advertisers and publishers and YouTube creators will be banned from receiving advertising revenue that contradicts “well-established scientific consensus around the existence and causes of climate change,” company officials said in a statement reported by Axios. […]

October 8th

Climate scientists have Nobels, climate deniers have blogs (And big oil money)

On Tuesday, the Nobel Prize in Physics went to three scientists whose work was pivotal for understanding climate change, and deniers were not thrilled. Physicist Luboš Motl, for example, quickly wrote a very “I’m totally not jealous” blog about how the win was undeserved and “justified by buzzwords” like “the nonsensical superstitious phrase ‘global warming.’” By […]

Climate deniers haz sad! (“Garbage in, garbage out” edition)

It’s not often that deniers just straight up tell you that the few things they do manage to slip into the peer-reviewed literature are garbage, but last week we saw exactly that. By Climate Denier Roundup “Activists,” according to a NoTricksZone post by liar Kenneth Richard, reposted to WUWT, have gotten a paper retracted because it “threatens climate alarm narratives.” Oh no! What […]

Despite Bjorn Lomborg getting factchecked on his lies, Fox and WSJ invite him to air them anyway

Yesterday, we talked about how Facebook is doing everything it can to look like it’s taking disinformation seriously, short of actually doing much of anything about it, and especially not the relatively easy action of removing bad actors all together. But it’s not just Facebook that seems to delight in ignoring factchecks, which is why — […]

September 21st

Congressional Dems put fossil fuel execs in the hot seat over climate change

Democratic leaders on the U.S. House Oversight and Reform Committee sent letters Thursday inviting the heads of key fossil fuel companies and lobbying groups to testify before the panel about the industry’s contributions to climate disinformation in recent decades. By Jessica Corbett Common Dreams Applauded by advocates of holding polluters and their business partners accountable for […]

September 17th

Climate denial reduced to making shit up (and trivial shit, at that)

When it comes to climate disinformation, there are two basic flavors. One is organized denial, spread by people who work on behalf of the fossil fuel industry (directly or indirectly) through one of the vast web of non-profit organizations, academic institutions, and media outlets that are the beneficiaries of the industry’s so-called philanthropy. The other kind […]

September 17th

Biden’s 45% solar target would SAVE the US $1 trillion, so of course lying deniers say that’s the COST

On Wednesday, hours after the Department of Energy released a report detailing how solar power can meet 45% of the country’s energy needs by 2050, Isaac Orr at the Center for the American Experiment scrambled to churn out one of the first, and worst, estimates of how much it would cost. He then misrepresented the DOE report […]

September 13th

WSJ outdoes Brietbart in politicizing medicine after journals call for climate action

The Wall Street Journal is a legacy media institution, one of the most-subscribed-to newspapers in the world, catering to the wealthy investors of its namesake. Breitbart is a blog that spent years laundering Nazi propaganda into mainstream Republicanism. Though some might be inclined to suggest there’s a categorical difference between the two outlets, on climate, […]

September 10th

Hurricane Ida: Do climate deniers not understand what ‘Proportion’ means (Or are they just dishonest?)

On the 16th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, New Orleans was dealing with Hurricane Ida. The rapidly-intensified Category 4 major hurricane brought wind gusts of up to 172 MPH, killed at least four people, and no thanks to a methane gas power plant built on the premise that it would be reliable in a pinch, left over a […]

September 1st

The link between people injecting and butt-chugging horse de-wormer and systemic climate solutions

The COVID-19 pandemic is not funny. People are dying, many because they, like many of their elected Republican officials, chose to listen to disinformation instead of real experts. (They’re also sacrificing kids to score cheap political points, but that’s not really new, even though it is very on point for the metaphor to come.) By Climate Denier Roundup But all that doesn’t mean it isn’t objectively […]

LA Times puts spotlight on shady fossil fuel front group that tricked people into supporting gas

A cursory glance at some headlines on either coast might have one wondering if there are any deniers left to round up. “Where have all the climate change deniers gone?” asked Los Angeles Times letters editor Paul Thornton via headline Saturday, with a short letter of his own. Back in 2013, he “unintentionally touched off a […]

Convergence: Holocaust denier Peter Sweden starts appealing to climate deniers

Of the many Steve Koonin debunkings of we shared was one by Mark Boslough, who, among other things, criticized Koonin’s complaint that calling climate change deniers, well, “deniers” is only used to associate them with Holocaust denial. Obviously that’s false, but then again, what happens when Holocaust denial and climate denial do overlap? By Climate Denier Roundup This […]

Pielke Jr. equivocates on IPCC’s unequivocal warning, as climate denier wonder “What’s so bad about warming?”

To the extent that climate deniers have gotten organized in responding to this week’s UN IPCC report — unequivocal in stating that climate change is here – now, real bad and our fault — they’ve coalesced around Roger Pielke Jr.’s RCP 8.5 conspiracy theories. By Climate Denier Roundup It’s mostly just Pielke saying modeling of […]