War on Science

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Climate denier data sleuths “See, but do not observe”

Canadians Tim Ball and Tom Harris have a new post on PJ Media (the far right blog that was Breitbart before Breitbart was Breitbart) claiming that because “we have no way of knowing” past temperatures, future forecasts are “impossible.” With a headline that claims “In Bonn, a Global Warming Propaganda Tsunami Is Triggered,” we were curious to see what COP […]

November 9th

As Trump admin releases un-censored climate change report, deniers continue cherry-picking

Friday’s release of the Climate Science Special Report first and foremost contradicts the Trump administration and the GOP’s claims that scientists are unable to gauge the degree to which human activity is responsible for climate change. The report shows 92-123% of warming is caused by people, as we mentioned last week. That contradiction between the administration’s party line […]

November 7th

Climate deniers’ new dodge: “All energy matters” + “Very fine scientists on both sides”

All year we’ve been watching as Trump nominees squirm to answer direct congressional questioning about climate change. For the most part, they’ve avoided embracing Trump’s idea that it’s all a Chinese hoax. Gone, too, is the old axiom of “I’m not a scientist, but…” Instead, they give more seemingly nuanced but similarly silly answers. The most […]

November 3rd

Drain the swamp: Trump pulls non-scientist Russia-meddler Sam Clovis’ nomination to be top USDA scientist

Trump’s nomination of non-scientist Sam Clovis to be chief scientist at the Department of Agriculture has been pulled. News reports indicate that Clovis hired both Carter Page and George Papadopoulos for the Trump presidential campaign. Furthermore, Clovis acted as supervisor to George Papadopoulos and encouraged Papadopoulos to go to Moscow during the 2016 presidential campaign. By RL […]

November 2nd

Drain the Swamp: Pruitt stacks EPA boards with fossil fuel pollution proponents (No scientists need apply)

Scott Pruitt formally announced yesterday the new guidelines for and members of the Science Advisory Board and Clean Air Science Advisory Council that provide expert analysis of the science underlying EPA regulations. If you’re looking for a great explainer to email a confused friend or post for a non-climate-conscious Facebook audience, the Union of Concerned […]

November 2nd

Climate Change: Watch Bill Nye demolish the deniers

Since it’s Friday, we’re pulling the tired science teachers’ favorite trick, and rolling out the TV cart for Bill Nye! The Science Guy has been doing the media rounds lately, promoting a new documentary that charts his path from school-kid hero to his emerging role unofficial face of the climate advocacy. Here’s the trailer, and if […]

October 27th

War on Science: EPA about to issue Climate Science Special Report without saying “climate change”?

The Climate Science Special Report (CSSR) is scheduled to be released in the next couple of weeks. This is the final version of the draft federal report that the New York Times leaked last August, and part of the larger National Climate Assessment (NCA). By Climate Denier Roundup The NCA is a years-long product of 13 federal agencies, […]

October 23rd

War on Science – EPA bans scientists (for conflict of interest!). Industry shills still welcome.

Remember Steve Milloy, the guy who runs Junkscience.com and tweets obsessively about “climate bedwetting” or how Pope Francis is a communist? (And sometimes both!) He’s been cropping up quite a bit on our radar recently. Last week we referenced that the EPA followed Milloy’s lead in denying the reality of the health impacts of particulate matter in justifying the CPP repeal. Yesterday we mentioned that he was one of the “experts” contesting the Endangerment Finding. […]

October 20th